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Learn how to heal the effects of childhood wounds with NLP


Price: $15.00 /per person
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Experiencing trauma in childhood can affect our neurology and safety patterning greatly.

Past traumatic events, either in adulthood or childhood can wreak havoc in our present life causing a variety of symptoms:


Panic attacks



Low self-esteem

Lack of healthy relationships

Avoidance of certain places or certain people

Physical health problems

Come learn how to break free from the effects of trauma by using powerful NLP techniques.

In this hands-on experiential workshop, you will not only explore the deeper ways your neurology might be holding you back as a result of your trauma, but we will be doing exercises to lessen the hold the trauma has over your life.

*I understand that a lot of our experiences can be sensitive subjects. Please know that you won't be required to share anything in the class that you don't want to.

COST: $15

I am looking forward to seeing you then.

Cinthia Dennis

About the trainer:

Cinthia Dennis is a Master NLP Practitioner with over 14 years of experience helping her clients break through their personal obstacles so they can have the lives they want.