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Rooted in community, New York Circle provides a venue for a healthy and free exchange of ideas, where all people and opinions are welcome. We promote open, informed, and meaningful discussion based on current topics, classical thought, and the writings of great thinkers and philosophers. It is through a healthy exchange of ideas addressing complex issues in our community, we seek a more perfect union.

About us

The New York Circle began with a bunch of university students meeting in coffee shops weekly to discuss various philosophical texts. Then known as the Philosophical Reading Group, it provided a venue for people with various backgrounds to share perspectives. Often taking the given ideas and relating them to the here and now: politics, family, and society at large.

Participants were a cross section of all races, ages, and creeds. The point of the conversation was not to convince the other participants of one particular view, rather it was to hear various perspectives and examine their pros and cons together. From this vantage we not only increased our own knowledge, but gained greater insights.

Today, the New York Circle remains true to its origins while expanding its role and membership. We still hold weekly open meetings, but we now expanded the Circle to provide a dynamic interchange in the larger community, including cultural field trips, social events, as well as a meeting place of ideas. Our members now include not only students and academics, but business professionals and people from many other walks of life. The goal is to promote a forum for healthy debate on topics which affect our lives and community.

To learn more, please visit our website: NewYorkCircle.org

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Philosophy of Film

The Setauket Neighborhood House

Data Mining, Micro Targeting, Politics, and YOU.

The Setauket Neighborhood House


The Setauket Neighborhood House

The Philosophy of Time

The Setauket Neighborhood House

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