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Attention Landlords! Ever have a tenant problem, and not sure what the best way to deal with it is? Or, trying to figure out if a new deal / acquisition is worthwhile? This group is for you! We're an active group that will be doing monthly meetups in the New York, Long Island area to help out fellow landlords - come join us to grow your real estate business!

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How to optimize showings, screening tenants, app acceptance, more [NYLILA Sec-B]

Microsoft Store - Roosevelt Field

Our Q2 meeting of 2020! We'll will be going over tips and techniques on how to optimize the scheduling of rental showings, screen tenants in person, application acceptance best practices, running free credit reports in live time, and how to do searches for pending criminal charges and cases (which don't show up on standard criminal reports, which only show PAST offenses)! NYLILA - Sec. B - 2 of 11.

Lease Signing! What is in a good lease? How to walkthru units? [NYLILA - Sec. C]

Microsoft Store - Roosevelt Field

Our Q3 meeting of the year! We will be going over what a proper lease entails, how to do a proper walk-through of your unit to protect your security deposit, best practices for the day of lease signing + key handover, plus how to automate rent payments into your account! NYLILA Sec. C - 3 of 11 AGENDA 7:00pm - Networking 7:20pm - Presentation 8:45pm - More Networking 9:00pm - End

How to analyze new properties/potential acquisitions - free tools! [NYLILA May]

Microsoft Store - Roosevelt Field

It's our Q4 meeting! We'll be reviewing: [NYLILA Sec. D - 4 of 11] - how to analyze properties as new potential aquisitions - using spreadsheets to do a quick analysis - why use Google Sheets exclusively - is using a buyer's agent good when making an offer - how to avoid a price war / bidding war - tips & tricks to know, as well as pitfalls to avoid when making offers AGENDA 7:00pm - Networking 7:20pm - Presentation 8:45pm - More Networking 9:00pm - End See you there!

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