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The goal of the Collective Song Club is to create a nurturing space for songwriters, artists and producers to present their works in progress, completed songs and productions as well as ask questions about the music business. Vetting songs about to be recorded will give you one more moment of clarity and reflection before you spend energy and dollars on your recording. Song tempos and keys can be discussed as well as best possible producers and vocalists for your project. The studio will have guitars and a keyboard available so no need to feel you have to bring your own. The studio can playback a CD, your iPhone or Android, MP3 player, or connect via the internet to your website or Dropbox. Bring a few lyric sheets of the song you would like to share. The entire evening is about forming a creative community that enhances your art and helps you grow as a songwriter. The Song Club is led by the founder of the Collective -Peter Bliss. The Collective Song Club” will begin on October 14th and follow every other Wednesday evening (skipping the night before Thanksgiving). It will take place at Planet Studio NYC (www.planetstudionyc.com) 244 West 54th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue in Suite 800B on the 8th floor. It will begin at 5:30PM so those heading home from work can stop in without it getting too late. Each session will end promptly at 8:30pm when the studio will go back into record mode for the evening schedule. Drop in at anytime up until 7:30pm during each session. You can’t even really be late! Leave when you like! There will be no advance payment or sign-up necessary. Each session will cost $20 per person payable at the door as we begin. The studio has a “Square” reader so you can put it on your debit / credit card for $22 with the additional sum to cover the handling charge. Come one week or skip a session - feeling inspired - come on down - feeling tired or have a change of plans - there’s no need to feel like you have to be there. Sessions might be crowded - some might be just a few people - or you! There are no requirements other than to become a full member of the Collective. The annual membership fee until the end of 2015 is only $35. This membership entitles you to participate in all the Collective workshops as well as perform a song (or have your song performed) in our quarterly Member Benefit Showcases held at the Bitter End. It's easy to become a member - go to www.newyorksongwriterscollective.com and look for "Sign Up/Sign In" in he top right corner of the webpage! The CSC is an experiment that will hopefully find a place and grow with the necessary changes and additions as it is established. Could it happen every week save for special days and holidays? Could special guests from the industry drop in that would be announced shortly before a session on the Collective website? We shall see! Join us for our first session on October 14th and let’s see what happens! Peter Bliss / Profile: Peter Bliss songs have been recorded by artists like Barbra Streisand, NYSNC, Peter Wolf of J.Geils Band, Southside Johnny, and many more. Peter’s journey began as an artist/songwriter releasing his United Artists debut LP in his early twenties. He continued writing and producing for artists, television and film. He’s shared his expertise creating workshop and event programs for the Songwriters Hall of Fame and now the New York Songwriters Collective. Peter works from his “Planet Studio NYC” recording studios located in Manhattan, arranging, recording and producing other artists to help bring their music to life. Peter is once again taking to the stage singing his own songs.

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