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NEW YORK ADVENTURE CLUB (http://www.nyadventureclub.com)


We give you insider access to the city’s best-kept secrets. But we’re so much more than a tour company.


We are a community-driven club that curates the most unique experiences in town, with a focus on history and storytelling. We show you a city you never knew existed, and offer a community you can’t live without.

You won’t find our special-access tours and exclusive events anywhere else. Think after-hours tours of New York City’s most celebrated spaces, themed parties in unexpected locations, and weekend excursions to incredible destinations. All of our events end with social hangouts so you can meet people who love exploring as much as you do.


Our current community is more than 14,000 members strong and includes everyone from recent NYC transplants to lifelong residents. Whatever borough you’re from (or city or country, for that matter), we’ll make it easy for you to take full advantage of the unique places and great people this city has to offer.


To ensure a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time, we hand pick events and outings specifically for the New York Adventure Club community. Recent events include:

* An after-hours tour of New York City Hall

* Special access into some of New York's most coveted private social clubs, including the Explorers Club and National Arts Club

* Petting baby kangaroos, holding sloths, and feeding leopards at Staten Island Zoo

* A behind-the-scenes exploration of the Woolworth Building with the building manager

* An NYPD Precinct tour, including a meet-and-greet with detectives and Emergency Service Unit crew members

* A tour of the Polish Consulate led by the Consul General and Vice Consul General of Poland
* An after-hours flashlight tour of Green-Wood Cemetery and catacombs

* A special-access tour of Brookhaven National Laboratory and its Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)

* A Halloween party in a historic gothic crypt, complete with a five-piece brass band

Visit our site (http://www.nyadventureclub.com) for a look at our upcoming adventures.

For now, our experiences are based in and around NYC, but we plan to expand to other cities soon.


Drop us a line at info@nyadventureclub.com and we’ll happily answer.

Unlock Your City with New York Adventure Club.

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Upcoming events (5+)

After-Hours Pastel Painting Workshop @ AKC Museum of the Dog

Tickets: $35 – 39 Click the link below to register for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/after-hours-pastel-painting-workshop-akc-museum-of-the-dog-registration-64235008640 Calling all dog-lovers: this is your time, it’s finally happening. An entire museum has been created in honor of your very best — and furriest — friends, and is ready to invite you to express your creative drawing skills to paint one very photogenic dog model, or a picture of your best bud. Join New York Adventure Club (https://www.nyadventureclub.com/) for an exclusive after-hours pastel painting workshop at the American Kennel Club (AKC) Museum of the Dog (https://www.akc.org/museum-of-the-dog/) — now back in NYC after residing in St. Louis for the past 30 years, this one-of-a-kind museum showcases one of the largest repositories of canine-related art in the world. Led by award-winning artist Karen Miura and her dog, Lucy, our artistic experience will include: • Private access to the AKC Museum after the doors close to the public • A chance to browse the museum’s collection that commemorates, signifies, and celebrates the human-canine relationship through fine art and artifacts, and dynamic exhibits and activities • A step-by-step demonstration with Karen on pastel painting dogs — bring a photo of your pet, or use Lucy as your muse! • Opportunities afterward to play with Lucy and socialize with other canine-loving adventurers All painting supplies will be provided, and all art can be taken home! As a special bonus, doggy goodie bags will be handed out afterward, courtesy of pet food company I and love and you! (https://www.iandloveandyou.com/our-brand/our-ily-family/) Click here to see pictures from one of our last pastel painting workshops! (https://nyadventureclub.com/gallery/29981050) See you there! *For guests who want to paint a picture of their pet, please bring a 5x7 or 6x8 Head Shot of your pet, along with a black and white photocopy of that photo **Pets are not allowed inside the museum ***All interested are welcome, no painting experience is required About Karen Karen Miura (http://karenmiura.com/) is an award-winning artist and animal communicator from Dutchess County, New York, who discovered her affinity for animals and love of art at a very early age. Karen’s concurrent work as an animal communicator grants her a deeper comprehension of her animal subjects. Follow Karen on Instagram at @artistkarenmiura. Her dog, Lucy, is an extremely talented and well-behaved dog, who has her very own Instagram page! Follow her family adventures @lucydogadventures! Categories: Arts, Social

Inside the Secret "Treasures in the Trash" Museum

NYC Department of Sanitation Garage

Tickets: $Free Click the link below to register for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/inside-the-secret-treasures-in-the-trash-museum-registration-64235584362 What was New York like 5, 10, or 30 years ago? While some might look to books, photographs, or movies for the answer, one sanitation worker made it his mission to tell the city's story through what New Yorkers threw in the trash — 50,000 pieces and counting. Join New York Adventure Club (https://www.nyadventureclub.com/) for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look inside the "Treasures in the Trash" Collection (http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/06/news/economy/new-york-city-trash-museum-nelson-molina/index.html), a curated 50,000 piece collection of New Yorkers' trash dating back to the 1980s — all hidden on the second floor of a New York City Department of Sanitation garage in East Harlem. Led by Nelson Molina, the sanitation worker who created the collection during his 34-year career, our experience through this secret museum will include: • Private access to the sprawling collection, which showcases nearly three decades of New Yorkers' trash (or treasure to those like Nelson) • A discussion with Nelson around the origins of the collection, from his favorite piece of 'trash' to why it's located on the second floor of an East Harlem sanitation garage • The opportunity to see and photograph tens of thousands of discarded items, from vintage guitars to shelves of Furbys to autographed baseballs from Yankees Hall of Famers Here are some pictures from one of our last visits to the Treasures in the Trash collection! (https://nyadventureclub.com/gallery/26818866) See you there! *All guests will be required to sign a Department of Sanitation liability waiver Categories: Tours, Hidden Spots, Arts

Private Tour & Tasting @ Farm.One, Manhattan's Only Indoor Hydroponic Farm

Tickets: $45 – 49 Click the link below to register for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/private-tour-tasting-farmone-manhattans-only-indoor-hydroponic-farm-registration-64618469582 With all of the farms in the tri-state area to choose from, why are Michelin-starred restaurants around the city like Eleven Madison Park and Daniel sourcing some produce from one located in the not-so-rural island of Manhattan? Now's your chance to explore the future of urban farming, and see how science and technology are helping one indoor farm grow nearly 200 varieties of culinary plants, some of which are never available fresh in NYC. Join New York Adventure Club (https://www.nyadventureclub.com/) for a private look inside vertical farming company Farm.One (https://farm.one/), Manhattan's only indoor hydroponic farm that grows hundreds of different specialty crops with the help of vertically stacked containers, LED lights, and year-round climate control technology. Led by a Farm.One staff member, our unique experience at this state-of-the-art farm in TriBeCa will include: • An overview of hydroponics and how growing plants without soil is possible • A private walkthrough of the facility to see how rare culinary plants grow from seed to harvest, with tastings along the way of different rare herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers • A closer look at Farm.One's cutting-edge technology that allows them to produce, manage, and sell their indoor-grown produce • A glass of prosecco to cleanse the palate after munching on healthy green goodies Afterward, we'll head down to the sub-basement grow room for an exclusive preview and tasting of Farm.One's newest R&D herbs and flowers, before going home with a complimentary gift from the Farm! Click here to see pictures from one of our last visits to Farm.One! (https://nyadventureclub.com/gallery/29621991) See you there! *For commercial reasons, this tour is not open to attendees who operate a commercial hydroponic farm Categories: Tours, Hidden Spots, Food, Social

Herbal Medicine 101 & Tasting @ NYC's Oldest Chinese Herbal Dispensary

Tickets: $29 – 32 Click the link below to register for this event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/herbal-medicine-101-tasting-nycs-oldest-chinese-herbal-dispensary-registration-63334064893 While you've probably walked by herbal drug stores or tea shops countless times, how much do you really know about the 2,000-year-old practice of traditional Chinese medicine? Step inside one of the country's most respected herbal dispensaries, located in the heart of New York's Chinatown, to get the real scoop behind what herbology is all about. Join New York Adventure Club (https://www.nyadventureclub.com/) for an exclusive late-night visit to Kamwo Meridian Herbs (https://kamwoherbs.com/), the oldest and largest herbal dispensary on the east coast dating back to 1973, which contains over 500 raw herbs, thousands of patent herbal products, and an extensive selection of acupuncture/natural wellness supplies. Led by a staff member at Kamwo, our unique after-hours experience will include: • The history and science behind Chinese herbal medicines, which were first discovered and applied more than two thousand years ago • An overview and tour of Kamwo's herbal dispensary operations, from sourcing the raw herbs, to fulfilling patient orders, to steeping herbs using custom-built, FDA-approved equipment • Opportunities to see and touch a variety of different herbs, each one containing unique healing properties • A relaxing tea tasting with a focus on its medicinal properties and Chinese herbalism philosophies Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to browse the store with a 10% discount in-hand, and mingle with your fellow Chinese herbal medicine enthusiasts! Click here to see pictures from one of our last visits to Kamwo! (https://nyadventureclub.com/gallery/29145007) See you there! Categories: Tours, Hidden Spots, Historic Sites, Food, Social

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