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Tour, Tasting, & Egg Cream Reception @ NYC's Last Seltzer Factory
Tickets: $29 – 32 Click the link below to register for this event: While reaching a consensus on New York's best pizza slice or cocktail lounge might prove impossible, deciding on the best fizzy water is a fact that can't even be argued — that's because there's only one seltzer company left in NYC that has the equipment to produce gold-standard carbonated water (warning: once you taste the good stuff for yourself, store-bought seltzer will forever be a disappointment). Join New York Adventure Club ( for an exclusive tour and tasting inside Brooklyn Seltzer Boys (, a fourth generation family-owned business in Carnarsie, Brooklyn, that has been hand-filling seltzer bottles and delivering them to customers’ doorsteps for over fifty years. Led by Alex Gomberg, Vice President of Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, our unique experience at the last seltzer factory in New York will include: • An overview of the seltzer industry, from its rise and fall, to its recent resurgence • The history of Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, formerly known as Gomberg Seltzer Works Inc., which has been filling seltzer bottles since 1953 • A private tour through the 65-year-old seltzer factory, which still uses century-old machines capable of filtering and carbonating city tap water with 60 pounds-per-square-inch of carbon dioxide • A closer look at the seltzer bottle refilling process, from equipment demonstrations to the maintenance of hand-blown siphon bottles from Czechoslovakia and Austria dating back to the 1800s • A taste test between store-bought fizzy water and artisanal seltzer from the factory line Afterward, Brooklyn Seltzer Boys will whip up some of their award-winning egg creams, which strike the perfect balance between milk, Fox’s U-bet chocolate syrup, and the best seltzer on the market! Click here to watch a short documentary on Brooklyn Seltzer Boys! ( Click here to see pictures from one of our last visits to Brooklyn Seltzer Boys! ( See you there! Transportation: By Subway: Take an L train to Rockaway Parkway Station (the last stop) — Brooklyn Seltzer Boys is a 10-15 minute walk from the station. If you're coming from Manhattan and want to travel via subway together, the NY Adventure Club brand ambassador be waiting at the base of Union Square's George Washington statue (on the southern end of the park near the steps) between 12:35-12:45pm. By Car: Street parking is available in the area Categories: Tours, Hidden Spots, Historic Sites, Food

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys

855 E 92nd St. · Brooklyn, ny

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