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A Masterclass in “The disruptive impact of automation”

Stone & Chalk Melbourne (Goods Shed North)

Stone & Chalk And IAG Firemark Ventures invite you to: A Masterclass in “The disruptive impact of automation” How automation is advancing rapidly with technologies like AI and machine learning and it's impact on how we live and work in society. From SIRI to self-driving cars, machine learning and AI is advancing rapidly and there is now more computing power in the mobile phone you keep in your pocket than there was in all the computing power used by NASA during the Apollo landings that put a man on the moon. The impact this has on how we live and work in society is already evident with more and more of our daily lives becoming automated with decisions made by machines rather than humans. In this expert masterclass, we will explore what the exponential growth in adoption of these technologies will mean for individuals, businesses and governments as we seek to understand for better or worse the disruptive impact of automation. Join us at 8am on Wednesday 10th April @ Stone & Chalk for a 90-minute masterclass, where we will explore topics such as: The advancements that have been made in AI and machine learning recently and the driving causes behind it? Both the benefits and risks that automation brings to how we live and work in society. What start-ups, corporates, individuals and governments should be thinking about to prepare themselves for a more automated future The ethical and legal ramifications that arise from a world in which more and more decisions are being made by machines rather than humans During this masterclass, we will have a keynote presentation by Alex Taylor (Entrepreneur in Residence – IAG Firemark Labs), followed by an expert panel discussion hosted by Scott Gunther (IAG Firemark Ventures) that will feature: Alex Taylor Entrepreneur in Residence, IAG Christine Khor Managing Director, Chrorus Executive Nico Pastorello AI Manager, Daisee Mike Wang CTO, Deep Recognition. The event will run for approximately 90-minutes and will be followed by light refreshments and networking at Stone & Chalk. We hope to see you there! The Stone & Chalk Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keynote presenter bio: As well as being an Entrepreneur in Residence at IAG Firemark Labs, Alex is also a serial entrepreneur, technologist and futurist. He has had a diverse career in a variety of technology fields and has developed products in a number of areas including telephone networks, social media innovation, software automation and Bitcoin/Blockchain technology. In his role at IAG, Alex seeks to identify what Horizon 3 innovations are emeging through technological disruption and macro situational change, and to develop the products and solutions to respond. He has spoken to a wide variety of audiences in this role, on topics ranging from self-driving cars, machine intelligence, societal change through technology disruption and the effects of financial decentralisation. This event is proudly run and hosted by Stone & Chalk To find out more about Stone and Chalk events you can sign up here. bit.ly/StoneandChalk Or to become a member of our community go to https://www.stoneandchalk.com.au/

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Stone & Chalk Melbourne (Goods Shed North)

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