Planning for the Sun, Moon & Milky Way with PhotoPills


CANCELLED • Due to a personal scheduling conflict, I have cancelled this event. However, I have persuaded my friends at Photog Adventures ( to conduct a similar free seminar on September 22nd ( They are also doing a workshop ( later that night and the next day. I think you will be impressed with the scope and value of this event!

As part of PhotoPills (' USA Tour, Rafael Pons ( (aka “The Bard”) will give a FREE 2-hour lecture with local NightScape photographer, Royce Bair (, on how to plan your photography sessions around the movements of the Sun, Moon and Milky Way —in order to get some amazing photo alignment opportunities!

This will also be a chance for Rafael get to know Utah photographers and their work!

Photographers of all skill levels will be able enhance their understanding of how to plan and align celestial objects with landscape features —and how to photograph those compositions. Royce will demonstrate a wide variety of simple techniques for NightScape style photography, and Rafael will show how the PhotoPills app makes planning easier to accomplish.

Photographers who wish to improve on these skills will be able to attend a paid workshop the following day (