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We all possess a natural ability to self-regulate our emotions.

For example: after a car accident, or a relationship break up there may be a period of heightened emotions. It may seem like the experience 'will never end'. Yet, eventually the emotional experience of the trauma naturally resolves itself; one day we find ourselves driving without a second thought, or madly in love with another person.
However, for some of us, this natural ability may become 'blocked'.
And, for many individuals, this only becomes more difficult over time.

According to key neuroscience research studies, these 'blocks' have developed in response to particularly intense events or fears.

This group introduces the "Tipi" technique.

T.i.p.i: is a french acronym for "Technique for the sensory identification of unconscious fears"... (well, in French! Technique d'Identification des Peurs Inconscientes).

Tipi offers a very simple process with which one 'reconnects' to the events or fears that give rise to such blockages. This process re-establishes the natural self-regulating of our emotions. Results are permanents, you will not have to work on the same emotion again and again.....

This method is simple to learn and to apply on your own.

We generally think that resolving traumas, takes time. That anxiety is difficult to let go.... I can show you that this is not true.

Once our fears, our emotional blockages are resolved our relation to others and the world changes tremendously. During these meetups I will teach you this technique.

You will learn how you can, on your own, permanently resolve your emotional difficulties, at the moment when you feel them.

more info on www.cedricbertelli.com or www.tipi.pro

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