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NVC and Empathy
In our next NVC meet up session on 24th Of September we will keep practicing empathy, a crucial skill in NVC. According to Marshall Rosenberg “Empathy is a respectful understanding of what others are experiencing. Instead of offering empathy, we often have a strong urge to give advice or reassurance and to explain our own position or feeling. Empathy, however, calls upon us to empty our mind and listen to others with our whole being." "In nonviolent communication, no matter what words others may use to express themselves, we simply listen for their observations, feelings, needs, and requests. Then we may wish to reflect back, paraphrasing what we have understood. We stay with empathy, allowing others the opportunity to fully express themselves before we turn our attention to solutions or requests for relief." Please try to arrive by 6.20 pm to enable harmonious opening of our circle - it takes a few minutes to settle in, exchange hello's, etc. NOTE - no admission after 6.50pm We will have access to the kitchen for hot drinks etc. To attend the workshops, ideally you read Marshall Rosenberg's 'A Language of Life': Or watched the videos here: Arrangements: Arrivals from 6.15pm - starting at 6:30pm. The group will be closed from 6.50pm as we will have already started practicing then. The session will end at 8:30pm £5 in cash is requested to go towards the rent of a quiet and spacious room with access to the kitchen for hot drinks etc. We welcome donations for group resources, work books/sheets & developing our practice. Queries: please message on meetup or text Susanne[masked] or Alex[masked] on the day If you are late, please practice self-compassion & enter the circle as quietly as possible. >>>This meetup is usually over-subscribed. If you have a place and can no longer make it, please change your RSVP to a No to free up a place for someone else ideally the previous day but if not at least 3 hours in advance<< Warm hugs, Marta, Susanne and Alex

Bunhill Meeting House EC1Y 8QQ.

Quaker Court, Banner Street, London · London


What we're about

However, we very much recommend you read 'Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life'

by Marshall B. Rosenberg, to help you understand NVC and to enable you to 'put in' as well as to 'get the most' from your practice session(s)

Most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand, diagnose and to communicate in ways that often create distrust and alienation rather than connection. These habitual ways we think and speak often hinder communication, creating misunderstanding and frustration; still worse, they can bring about anger and pain which may lead to violence, either physical or emotional.

Nonviolent Communication (also known as "Compassionate or Collaborative or Mindful Communication") helps us avoid unnecessary suffering by contributing to peace in our world, helping people connect across differences in gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religious and political beliefs. Join us to discover and practice these life-changing skills!

Even if you don't know much about NVC, our engagement with the spirit of community which NVC engenders is as important as the practice itself. You may want to mainly observe a session(s) to experience how you feel about it.

Other places that might be valuable to contact around NVC in London and UK ( - This is the main website for all UK NVC activities, training, practice groups, camps and residentials, blogs, resources and much more. They send a regular newsletter with upcoming events and all things new around NVC in UK

NVC London Facebook ( us Londoners to join and find out what is going on! Anybody can post here.

Online Resources

Or read online: or/and watch the whole of the video below (runs for 185 minutes) :-

Note: We limit attendance to around 12 people & Practice sessions are usually posted on Wednesday's. We recommend you RSVP early at this point to increase your chances of being one of the 12 people.

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Weekend NVC foundation training by a certified Trainer would certainly provide a solid basis for continuing practice in our weekly group and we very much recommend it - Details :- (

Here's a group that meets in South London & on-line

What is NVC? :

We call the language that we practice “Giraffe language,” though its official name is “Nonviolent Communication.” We use the image of a Giraffe because it's a language of the heart, and a giraffe has the largest heart of any land animal.

We meet in a lovely, historical Quaker building near Old Street tube station and when attending an event, we request a £5 cover charge re rent, with no charge for the practice. We support each other with empathy, encouragement and NVC skills, using a combination of discussion, exercises and feedback. We usually do whole group work then break into small groups of (2,3 or 4).

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