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The North Bay Millennials welcome all social 20- to 30-somethings who enjoy meeting like-minded people. Events are primarily in Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties, but our group is open to people from all areas. Join us for happy hours, music festivals, hiking, trivia/game nights and more. We look forward to hanging out!

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Scared to Death Stories Discussion

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Sice everyone must be busy trying to figure out how to celebrate Halloween in a safe, fun, way and there will be no spare time to read, we are watching two Youtube videos about horror stories, then will meet to share our thoughts on them. From Youtube: Chase began to walk down the hallway. His legs were heavy. He was afraid of what was behind the last door. The black door..." A quote from today's second of two opening tales! Had a great time recording the first episode of the second year of the show. We start with the mysterious disappearances of Charlie Ashmore and Ambrose Bierce. Then, we explore the dark side of hypnosis. What if you were hypnotized by someone who did not have your best interests in mind? A strange, unnerving hypnosis-related tale awaits you. Lynze closes out the show by sharing another three listener-submitted encounters with the unknown. https://youtu.be/a3qGMR4_id8 “Just stay upstairs,” he thought to himself. “Whatever you are, just please stay upstairs...” A quote from today's second of two opening tales! Today's first story is another black-eyed kid encounter story. Kind of. A woman in New Hampshire has claimed to have witnessed two different black-eyed entities on two different occasions. In the next story, we explore the many ghosts of Amherstburg, Ontario. The Canadian town is full of all kinds of alleged paranormal activity and we share several sightings, ending on one particularly in-depth and disturbing story. Lynze closes out the show by sharing two listener-submitted reports of living in haunted homes. https://youtu.be/-KXVxVfA3Eo

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