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Let's create a neighborhood community focused on all the fabulous things North Denver has to offer - Beer, Food, Art, Lakes, Beer - again (there are a lot of breweries here!) Eventually, it would be great to have a list of people to have impromptu happy hours within the hood! 

We will have weekly coffee breaks, weekend brunches, happy hours at breweries, cocktail bars, and dive bars. We will also have dinners at local North Denver restaurants. I am also open to planning other fun events... Im thinking live music, movie, art walks, tours, etc.

Note: We want to stay in the North part of Denver County if possible - So LoHi, Highlands, Berkeley, Sloan's Lake, RiNo, Jefferson Park or Downtown. 

That said, our members live all over, so you are more than welcome to join and participate no matter where you live!

And if you have event ideas let me know! I'm open to people helping host as well. So ask yourself - What are you passionate about? What have you always wanted to do? Favorite hike? A volunteer event for a charity dear to your heart?  Never been to a hockey game? Is there an interesting festival coming up? Do you want to host a book club? Or maybe make your favorite recipe with a few others? Let's make this a community of our neighbors that we will all enjoy. 

1. This is an all-inclusive, safe place for people of all genders, ages, races, sexualities, etc. Anyone that says or does anything counterproductive to this mission will be removed from the group!!!

2. All events will have a 24-hour cancellation rule. No shows will be removed from the group. 2 late cancellations and you will be removed from the group.  Many of these events require a credit card to hold the reservation so please be courteous and update your reservation if you cannot come (whether you are a 'yes' or 'waitlisted').  Exceptions will be made if you are unwell and communicate this with us prior to the event - as long as you don't make it a habit. 
3. Please don't sign up for every event and just assume you can cancel 24 hours before and that is ok. This is not ok and prevents people who want to engage from being able to sign up at all! I know events fill up fast, but please only sign up if you are seriously going to go. I am limiting the sign up to 1-2 weeks prior to the event to avoid this happening.  If you are on the waitlist for an event, please check back regularly to make sure you haven't been moved up - it is very likely that you will be moved up at the last minute. 
4. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the group at our discretion. 

5. By signing up as a member of this group and/or attending any events, you and your guests fully assume all risks associated with such participation, including travel to and from the event.  You agree to be responsible for your own safety and realize that some events may be more physically challenging than others.  You and your successors agree to hold all Organizers and other members harmless in the event of any accident, injury or death. 
6. Have Fun. Be Safe. Make Friends. Enjoy North Denver.

Upcoming events (4+)

North Denver Brewery Club

Needs a location

Breweries are a way of life in Colorado. I would love to explore all of the establishments on the North side of Denver. What better plan than a nice cold brew with friends in the middle of a hard work week? I can't think of one!

Also, you can bring a friend to this meetup! 1 guest per member :) The series of Brewery events will all show on Thursdays due to Meetups limited settings, but may be different days of the week or on the weekend - so make sure you look at the date when sign up becomes available a week before the event!!!

This week let's go to:
You can see the menu online here:

This will be one of our larger events as most of the breweries can accommodate 10-12 people and don't require reservations.

Please try to cancel 24 hours ahead of time so people on the waitlist have time to plan. This event opens up for signup two weeks in advance of the event. If you are on the waitlist please check on the day of the event as there can still be last minute cancellations. Take yourself off the waitlist if you can't make it!

Thank you! Looking forward to a cheers!

North Denver Weekend Brunch Club

Needs a location

Come explore the best brunches in North Denver with us. Our goal is to create a community of friends who live and play in North Denver (LoHi, Downtown, RiNo, Highlands, Sloan's Lake, Berkeley, Wheatridge, Arvada etc). You are of course welcome if you live elsewhere - just know that our events will focus mostly on this side of town!

This weekend we will go to. American Elm.


You can read more about it here:

Brunch events are open to reservation 1 week before the event. Most of these will be held on a Saturday in the Summer and Fall and a Sunday in the Winter and Spring but this does vary, so make sure you have the right date in your calendar!

This event requires 24 hour notice cancellation. DO NOT sign up for this event as a place holder and then cancel - If you continually sign up ahead of time for events and cancel the day before you will be removed from the group. We have a lot of members wanting to attend events so please sign up with intention.

If you sign up for the waitlist check back the day before as there is a good chance you will be moved up. If you can no longer attend, remove yourself from the waitlist.

Thank you!!! We all want reliable, thoughtful friends and the restaurants want reliable business!!! This is a safe place for ALL people - anyone who doesn't adhere to this policy will be removed!

Exploring North Denver Restaurants

Needs a location

So many new restaurants and so little time. We will have reservations for 6-8. We will switch it up between fancier places, trendy places, old tried and true places and cheap eats! Focus will be on Highlands, RiNo, Berkeley, Sloan's Lake, Sunnyside, Five Points, and the Jefferson Park areas of Denver. With some places there will be no reservations so we will likely have to wait for a table. That will be noted when it is the case!

I am completely open to suggestions so do not hesitate to let me know if there is a place you are dying to try!

This week we DO have a reservation.

We will try

you can read more here:

The Fine Print: Many of these restaurants require credit cards to hold the reservation. As such please only sign up if you intend to go. Do not sign up for every event with the intent of canceling the day before! Keep your reservation current even if on the waitlist. This event will require a 48 hour cancellation notice. Late cancellations will be marked. 3 late cancellations and you will be dropped from the group. No shows - ie no notice and no communication will be removed as well. Be respectful and play by the rules, please!

I'm excited to eat our way through North Denver.

Location of meetup will be added within a couple weeks of the event and signup is open 14 days before the event.

Friday North Denver Coffee Break

Needs a location

We all deserve a coffee break during the day! Come explore North Denver's coffee shops and meet a new friend in the process. I have tried numerous days and times of the week and I think that Friday's seem to be the winner!

This will be a shorter timed meetup - just an hour to get away from the work day.

We will announce the place of the meetup a week or so before but as this is more of an impromptu event - sign ups will only be allowed a few days prior to the event!

This week we will be at Flyte Co (which is not JUST a beer place!) - https://flytecobeer.com/


Please cancel by the evening before the event if you are unable to make it to allow for other people to join! We will limit this to 6 people for now. These events will be either indoor or outdoor dependent on weather and seating!

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North Denver Brewery Club

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