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What we’re about

Welcome to the North Oakland Go Club! We meet from 10:00 AM to at least 2:00 PM (as late as 5:00 PM if anyone besides me will be there; please be especially sure to RSVP with a time if you're coming after 2:00) at the 3013 Broadway Starbucks in Oakland.

Beginner? Please have a look at before coming for the first time. This way you can learn the basics at your own pace.

The atmosphere is casual, with plenty of socializing along with playing.

This is a great venue for us, with plenty of seating in and out as well as lots of parking in the neighborhood (in particular the CVS/Grocery Outlet parking lot across the street and a block south.) Starbucks serves some food, and there's a Chipotle's right next door and Sprouts supermarket just a few steps past that. Please buy at least a small drink from Starbucks to help show our appreciation.

As we all know the pandemic is far from over, so please be prepared to comply with local and Starbucks rules. Even if masks aren't required inside at a given time, some players (like me) may keep wearing them for a while, so please bring yours in order to ensure the comfort of others. When playing outside, which we do whenever weather permits, playing maskless is fine. The store has excellent ventilation and isn't crowded on Sundays..

If you can bring a set, please do! I'll bring several, but it would be good to ensure not running short.

Finally, as has always been the case, I and other experienced players will be available to teach beginners, give game reviews etc. If you are a beginner, please let us know in your RSVP so I can be sure to set aside some time for you.

Please feel free to message me with any questions. See you all there!

-- Steve Bloom (2 dan, club organizer)

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