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Seattle technology enthusiasts, students, and professionals are invited to join us for North Seattle Tech Talks. We'll gather for informative, insightful, inspiring, and inclusive talks on topics in web development, mobile apps, cloud computing technologies, and professional development. Follow up each Meetup with a chance to ask questions, socialize, and meet folks interested in the Seattle tech scene.

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Technology for Good: Designing Software for Positive Social Change

**WHAT IS IT ABOUT?** Technology for Good: Designing Software for Positive Social Change 1. How do you design and build software that helps bring about social justice and change? (Think: anti-racism, accessibility, open government, etc.) 2. What have you and your organization tried that worked? What didn't work? 3. What are key resources for developers / designers / product managers wanting to learn more? 4. Where can someone work and/or volunteer to help right now? **WHAT IS THE FORMAT?** We'll have a quick introduction followed by guest speakers covering the questions above. Then we'll switch over to moderated Q&A. **WHO IS PRESENTING?** We will have 3-4 presenters / panelists announced in the coming weeks. Our first panelist is: Mark Frischmuth Executive Director @ DemocracyLab https://www.linkedin.com/in/markfrischmuth ... Please keep checking back for our complete list! **DO I HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT? A STUDENT?** No and no. This Meetup is open to all who are interested and is meant to be an introduction to the topic. **WHO IS SPONSORING?** We have two main sponsors for this event: 1. North Seattle College's Application Development BAS Degree Program: https://northseattle.edu/programs/bas-application-development 2. Seattle Tech4Good: https://www.meetup.com/SeaTech4Good **HOW DO I ATTEND?** This will be a virtual Meetup event. We will post information about our Zoom Meeting location. You'll need to download the appropriate software for your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Questions for the Q&A will be handled via the Zoom chat functionality, with instructions presented during the Meetup.

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