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Seattle technology enthusiasts, students, and professionals are invited to join us for North Seattle Tech Talks. We'll gather for informative, insightful, inspiring, and inclusive talks on topics in web development, mobile apps, cloud computing technologies, and professional development. Follow up each Meetup with a chance to ask questions, socialize, and meet folks interested in the Seattle tech scene.

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Open Source Project Hackathon

North Seattle College

**WHAT IS THIS MEETUP ABOUT?* Open Source Hackathon meetups provide an opportunity to work with others on Open Source Projects. For new contributors, there will be seasoned contributors and projects maintainers available during the meetup to help direct you through the process. For seasoned maintainers and contributors, it's a great way to meet other local developers and build your contribution base. Both groups will find it is a great venue to make friends and industry connections! There will be a variety of projects to work on, including some that do not require programming knowledge at all. All contributions, from code to graphic design and documentation are welcome. If you've always wanted to get involved in Open Source or work on projects with other developers in the community, this is a great way to start! **WHAT IS THE FORMAT?** Following a quick introduction of the Open Source projects available to collaborate on, first attendees will self identify their applicable skills and background, what they hope to get out of the meeting, and if they came to work on or lead any specific project. We will then split into project groups that match attendees answers. Optimally, each of the groups will be lead by at least 1 maintainer or seasoned contributor of the project with a set of goals in-hand. Groups will work together to work on their respective project and then each group will get a chance to share their progress at the end of the meetup. We keep a long-running chat for attendees to communicate across project teams here: https://join.slack.com/t/nsttmeetup/shared_invite/enQtNDkwODM5NjU5MzQ2LWM3ZjA2YjhhMjc0NjMwY2Y0M2QwOGVlNGFiOGY0NGM1MDQzZmM4OTU1ZDExOTBmNDFlZWNiY2M1Mjk3OTJlYzM **WHAT PROJECTS WILL WE BE WORKING ON / CONTRIBUTING TO?** You can find an up-to-date list of all projects being worked on here: https://github.com/north-seattle/current_projects#current-opensource-hackathon-projects, as well as directions for submitting a new product. You can also, if desired, propose a project on the day of the meeting, or even work alone - though collaboration is encouraged to get the most out of the meetup. Depending on turn-out, we likely will not work on all projects but will decide what projects to focus on based on the interest, skills, and number of attendees. **DO I HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT? A STUDENT? HAVE X SPECIFIC SKILL? LIVE IN NORTH SEATTLE?** No. This Meetup is open to all who are interested and is meant to help connect beginners, intermediates, and experts alike to the local Open Source community. **WHAT SHOULD I BRING?** A sense of curiosity, willingness to experiment and a laptop. Business cards or a willingness to share digital contact information is a good idea too! **WILL THERE BE FOOD?** Yes! There will be a variety of local food, suitable for most dietary restrictions, as well as beverages, including locally roasted Pilgrim Coffee. **WHO IS SPONSORING?** The Application Development BAS Degree Program at North Seattle College will be graciously providing a space for the event to be held. DomainTools LLC will be providing food for the event. **WHO IS FACILITATING THIS MEETUP?** Timothy Crosley Senior Software Engineer and Open Source Evangelist at DomainTools and LoveLicton.com writer. https://github.com/timothycrosley https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-crosley-a5aa4255/ **HOW SHOULD I GET THERE?** North Seattle College is served by several buses and rideshare services. We encourage folks to use public transit and carpool if possible, but parking is available for a small fee on campus. Parking is very limited in the neighborhood surrounding campus. The event is being held in room CC1161, 9600 College Way North. This room is located on the south side of the campus closest to College Way North, and should be visible from the road.

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