What we're about

Learn about real estate in Northern Colorado with an emphasis on real estate investing in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Greeley, and surrounding areas.

Join us for a variety of classes on real estate and real estate investing as well as some networking and social events.

Beginner through super advanced real estate investors welcome.

Classes are free (with a very rare exception here and there where we charge for a class) and open to the public however, RSVP is required as space is limited and we do often reach capacity.

Very Brief History and Philosophy

The Northern Colorado Real Estate Investor Group was originally co-founded by James in 2003. We believe that learning about investing should be an on-going, fun, social experience. Many people attend classes as much for the amazing information as for the fun banter between James and Brian and to socialize with other members who have become true friends.

Past Presentations and Tools

We have been teaching classes for over a decade and in early 2016 we started to record some of the PowerPoint presentations after the fact (not live). Toward the end of 2016 we began to record most of the presentations live in the classroom. Several of these recorded classes are available to our Meetup members for free.

Plus, our amazingly comprehensive yet easy-to-use deal analysis spreadsheet is available to download. This makes it easy to customize the inputs to reflect your exact scenario and identify which properties will make for the best investments.

Just send an email to jores@jamesorr.com to request access to our bonus materials for members.

The Original Cave For the Nomad Investing Model

Some of the most popular classes we teach deal with the Nomad investing model which is one of the best investing models we have in Northern Colorado. It allows you to build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio generating passive income with as little as $3,000 total invested.

Nomad Real Estate Investing Podcast

In addition, we have launched the Nomad Real Estate Investing Podcast where you can listen to our recorded classes and stay current with some of the best information about real estate investing anywhere. It's just one more way you can benefit from our amazing content!

*New* Real Estate Financial Planner

Over the past several years James has been working on the most powerful real estate analysis software ever created. We recently unveiled the Real Estate Financial Planner and wrote a book titled "How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live Your Passion Regardless of Age or Income" which you can find here:


It analyzes 10 different investing strategies aimed at achieving Financial Independence to Retire Early (FIRE). You can copy one of the 50+ investing scenarios covered in this book into a free account at RealEstateFinancialPlanner.com and modify it to see how soon you might be able to retire following one strategy or another.


We often take photos, record audio and possibly video of NCREIG events. By joining NCREIG here on Meetup or attending the events you acknowledge and agree that these photos, videos and audio recordings (which include you) may be used on the Meetup site, on Facebook, on other websites, in our newsletter, in courses we give away and/or sell and on other promotional materials WITHOUT COMPENSATION TO YOU. If you do not agree to this, please remove yourself from the group and do not attend meetings. Thank you.

Material taught at our classes is copyrighted by James Orr and/or his associated companies. Recordings, photos or video of any type by anyone other than James Orr is strictly prohibited.

Note: To maintain the integrity of the group and authenticity of member interactions we do not allow anyone to post advertisements of any sort or solicit business on our message boards. Please do not spam the message boards with posts like this or you may be subject to removal from the group.

Upcoming events (5)

[WEBINAR] Strategies to Get the Lowest Monthly Payment When Buying

James used to offer what he called The Lowest Monthly Payment Guarantee™ to clients buying properties with him. He'd guarantee his clients that using his strategies they'd get the absolute very lowest monthly payment possible. And while he no longer offers the guarantee, the strategies he uses to minimize your monthly payment are still just as important and valid today. Since the lowest monthly payment is half of the equation for getting maximum cash flow on your rentals, this class is also critical for buy-and-hold real estate investors, Nomads™ and house hackers. RSVP using this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/7115938712447/WN_eAR6prAYRlqQ2FtrWm5UCg

[WEBINAR] Arguably the Best Class of the Year - Part 5

Online event

Sometimes there are topics so short that they don't deserve their own 2-hour class, but are so important the must be taught. In Arguably the Best Class of the Year (our 5th installment), Brian and James will go over a sampling of these mini-topics all in one, amazing night. RSVP for this amazing webinar using this link now: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9315938705633/WN_Ig5oDz02Rse77QCocZntCQ

[WEBINAR] Contract to Close

Online event

Learn everything you need to know as a real estate investor from the you go under contract to buy a property up until closing in this special class on "Contract to Close". RSVP using the link below: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/3015959605183/WN_KxRujEYYTlKjTs_4l26HVA


Online event

Not sure what we're teaching yet. RSVP for this webinar using the link below: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9715959609769/WN_tgXa2bGWTC-xYIn8N6WP9A

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[ONLINE WEBINAR] Analyzing Multi-Family Properties

Online event

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