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What we’re about

Have a passion for bread baking? Northwest Bread Bakers hosts gatherings for the amateur to the professional baker. Events will feature local grain farmers, millers, artisans, educators, manufacturers and of course bakers. This group is intentionally open to all and is designed to gather a variety of expertise in a spirit of mutual support to hone your baking skills, deliciously. 

We are part of the good food movement, supporting the regional grain economy, helping new bakers learn the craft, lending support to start-up businesses, serving as a resource for the purchase of local grains and flours, sharing techniques and methods and getting conversations started through interesting programming. We care about the health of people and planet and look to advance both through the baking of delicious, nutritious bread.

A wide variety of events will be hosted up and down the Puget Sound corridor and a fee will be charged when necessary and simply to cover the costs of the event venue and speaker fee if there is one. All voices matter so please be sure to email us with suggestions on event venues, topics, or activities that interest you.