DARKWEB: Understanding cyber exposure & Beginning with IoT hacking

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• Networking and Snacks

• Introduction to null Community by Sanoop Thomas & Imdadullah Mohammed

• DARKWEB: Understanding cyber exposure and what can be predicted, detected and defended by Mikko Niemela

• IoT hacking 101 by Rupali Dash


DARKWEB: Understanding cyber exposure and what can be predicted, detected and defended by Mikko Niemela

We go through how cyberattacks happen, what are the prerequisites for successful reconnaissance and exploitation. What makes attacks successful and what are the principles of avoiding attacks. We cover how organizations are trying to safeguard their valuable information assets and how relying on cloud services and third parties make success through this approach practically impossible. In order to survive in the cyber era, we have to reverse the conventional approach of owning assets and translate all security mechanisms into changing behavior of end-user.

Learning objective:
Improve understanding of cyber exposure, how to reduce an organization’s visibility in order to reduce the cost of defending the organization and building resilience within the organization.

IoT hacking 101 by Rupali Dash

The talk will cover the basic principles of IoT testing and how, to begin with. We will understand the different components involved in an IoT environment and segregating the test cases. We will discuss in depth of BLE protocol and the attack surface and will see step by step how can we hack into a BLE device and the post-exploitation techniques.

Learning Objective: This will give a basic understanding of how to get started with IoT pen testing and set up a lab environment for the same.

Speaker Bio:

Mr Mikko Niemela is the CEO of Cyber Intelligence House, He has more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity having served as an analyst and consultant on security testing, information systems audits, security leadership and management, incident response and digital forensics, cyber defense, and exploit development. He has analyzed the exposure of more than 6,000 organizations and helped more than 140 organizations assess and mitigate the risk of their cyber exposure. He was ranked as one of the Top 100 Cybersecurity Influencers by Onalytica in 2015. He has lent his cyber intelligence expertise to assist with cybercrime investigations and the training of law enforcement agencies such as INTERPOL, armed forces and a number of intelligence agencies, as well as advising the European Central Bank in its efforts to improve cyber resilience. More info can be found here https://mikkosniemela.com/

Rupali dash has more than 4 years of experience in cybersecurity. She works as an application security consultant and specializes in secops and also spoken at different conferences worldwide.

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