Intro to Computer Aided Design with Fusion360

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Null Space Labs

2522 N Ontario St · Burbank, ca

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We're behind Big Red Machine Shop, thru the gate between buildings

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This class has limited seating and requires registration via Universe. RSVPing on Meetup is not the same as buying a ticket! Universe registration includes access to this class and all class materials.




Have you ever seen a 3D printed part and wondered, "How did they make that?"

Want to update your drafting skills from pen and paper to something more flexible and versatile?

Ever find yourself in need of a quick geometric problem-solver?

Or maybe you just want a simple laser-cut sheet that's dimensionally accurate

Come join us at your favorite neighboorhood hackerspace and learn how to do exactly this, AND MORE

3D CAD has become infinitely more accessible to the average Joe in the past few years. Now it's readily available to us average Joes who don't have access to a corporate-sponsored seat of Solidcad or Autoshape or whatever.

Starting from a basic 2D sketch, I'll show you tools, tricks, and gotchas I've picked up over the last decade of using these tools. Parametric, relational, "Feature-based" models can be quickly and easily created, changed, updated, and adapted as long as you can visualize what you want the software to do and don't paint yourself into a corner. "Design intent" is an important topic we will spend a good deal of time revisiting.

While a 2D sketch may be good enough to produce a PCB, sometimes you need to see things in 3 dimensions. Perhaps you need a custom enclosure for your RasPi? Sometimes, with one simple click you can 3D-ify your model to see how things fit on all sides, without scrapping a single part in the process.

At this point, we will touch on how to deal with various "solid bodies" and how they interact with one another based on context in assemblies.

If you have any sample parts you'd like to have used as a teaching tool, I'd be happy to go through the process using your example so you can walk away from the class with a design in hand.


A somewhat recent vintage computer with Fusion360 installed and licensed to you. Licenses for hobbyists are free, so don't sweat it. Mac or Windows is fine. You Linux geeks can use Onshape in the browser for the first half of class for the basics, but I'm afraid you'll be lost when we get to assemblies due to differences in technique.

If you've only got a desktop, that's fine, we can hook you up with a monitor and keyboards and such

A 3 button mouse is ESSENTIAL. READ: DON'T FORGET A 3 BUTTON MOUSE. We have a few, but not 15, so bring yours just in case. Yes, a trackball is fine if you're cool with that.

If you do some research ahead of time by watching some videos and tutorials on Fusion, that wouldn't hurt.

All proceeds are donated to NSL's operating funds so we can keep the lights on and keep teaching you cool stuff.