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Table at Women for OC's Great American Write-In

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Delhi Center

505 E. Central Ave · Santa Ana, CA

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Look for the 9/11 table with the AE911Truth banner

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Women for: Orange County (http://www.womenfororangecounty.org/) will hold their annual Great American Write-In, where they invite the public to write letters or postcards on behalf of mostly liberal organizations. Since they happen to be one of the very few local groups that tolerate 9/11 Truth, even after a "9/11 was a Jewish job" scare in 2018, we shall table there.

If you'd care to reach out to the progressive crowd, please join us. We'll ask them to write the Powers That Be the respectful and simple request of their choice regarding 9/11 (as benign as asking local TV stations why they did not air an inexpensive and riveting documentary on Building 7's miraculous office fire or perhaps as daring as asking their U.S. congressional delegation why they have not been more inquisitive about the evidence of controlled demolition in the live broadcast of the twin towers' destruction).

Liberal activists' knowledge of 9/11 is highly variegated. A few "self-proclaimed 9/11 experts" have a Divine calling to demonize conspiracy theorists. At the other extremity of the liberal spectrum, a--very--few discerning people are greatly concerned at liberal opinion-makers' failure to leverage 9/11 into a historical opportunity to trounce conservatism and fundamentalism. The latter have had to go through a considerable--and at times heart-wrenching--process to acquire their understanding. Accordingly, try to evaluate each of our visitors' individual knowledge of 9/11, tailor your outreach to it, and limit your teaching to some modest additional step.

This year, the attendance will predictably keep projecting much fear, anger and sadness on the Trump phenomenon. Think ahead of time of how you'll give them some idea to redirect them into useful 9/11 activism.