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At Southern California Power Platform User Group, we are a community-driven group and focus exclusively on the Power Platform related topics. We meet once a month to discuss, collaborate, and share experiences regarding the entire Power Suite, which includes Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate. We also discuss common components like AI Builder, Common Data Services, and supported programming languages like DAX, M, R, and Python.

We try to shuffle topics to target a variety of backgrounds people have. So, if you are just a beginner or an expert, we have some time for you.

Typical format:

The first 30 minutes before the session starts, We will discuss the latest updates by the platform. Followed up general Questions and Answer session and Networking

The main session includes a presentation related to a specific topic and a Demo. We had many great speakers over the last few years, Experts from all over the world, MVPs, and people from the Microsoft team.

We encourage you to network, learn, and help build a stronger community that benefits everyone involved. Please do not use the meetup or its resources for any other purposes without written permission from the Organizers. Engaging in any of these activities, including any form of solicitation, will result in disciplinary action and removal from the group.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the user group events!

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Next generation Analytics using Azure Synapse and Power BI

Learn all about the future of Analytics using Power BI and Synapse. Learn how organizations adopted Synapse with Power BI to help accelerate End-To-End Analytics ecosystem. Azure Synapse Analytics enables seamless integration between Data Lakes and Power BI. It also allows you to easily take advantage of Azure Synapse Analytics’ powerful engine. The workspace experience allows Power BI Experts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists and IT Professionals to collaborate while combining data warehousing, big data, reporting and machine learning. This session focuses on the main features available in the new Azure Synapse Analytics workspace experience.

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