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(LT0MMF (LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.31(Mon)pst2019) (LT2VER version=1.0)

(LT2STA Under-design by popular demand, so RSVP! and, on the LSZ1QK Additional Discussion (, post your feedback! Officially emailed out 2011.10.31pst20) (LT36T7 Alert: this listing will be drastically "shortened". As these tracks are under development, it is only long now to temporarily bring forward & together all the relevant details for leaders-especially to know, flesh-out, & review, after which the bulk of this text will be factored away into a few shared posts which this listing will simply link to, rather than have those details here.)

(OCAndroid Intermediate-to-Advanced Developers' Meetups

(LT0S8Y Event repeats regularly, initially monthly via the same day of the month)
(LT0SGE Time & Place picked so it won't conflict with any other group events.)
) (LT0NNG What:
(LT1H76 New meeting track: the in-person social coding-bash, Q&A, info swap, & general meetup specifically for
OCAndroid's Intermediate-to-Advanced Developers
(LT3AD4 Unless the event leader(s) decide to get more ambitious and their attendees agree, by default, by design:
(LT3AOK presentations at this event, if any, are impromptu and done by any attendee. )
(LT3AMY attendees are free to work on other attendees projects or their own during the bulk of the event)
(LT3B6X all the details of regularly running the event have already been worked)
(LT3AR8 so just show up with your topic ideas & good spirit! --no special prep work is required by anyone, even the event leaders, other than showing up with necessary equipment & mood to keep you happily busy on the event topic)
(LT3AVD making this an always-productive & low-stress event for everyone which is near-maximally easy to run!)
)) (LT0OBC Agenda: (proposed) 7pm-~10pm
(LT0ODV 7:00pm-10min
(LT0RMF Attendees Arrive, Check-in, and Socialize
(LT0RQB Including each arrival first checks in with the person taking attendance (and checks in on the website) and makes a name-tag for him/herself.))) (LT0OEU 7:10pm-10min
(LT0RSE Every attendee Introduces him/herself,
by going around in a circle and have each speak, as each saying say "Hi, I'm Jeff from Irvine, and an intermediate Android developer working on a replacement for Angry Birds ( for 6 months now and find it pretty difficult.."; and after each intro, the other attendees say "Welcome, Jeff!")) (LT0OGG 7:20pm-20min
(LT0RUA Every attendee who desires announces any news s/he's heard and problem's s/he's having relevant to the topic, by going around in a circle and have each speak, and after each announcement the other attendees reply & discuss it)) (LT0OGS 7:40pm-1hr35min
(LT0S09 Full breakout-session working on the attendees' various Android projects, with every attendee:
(LT0SPG helping other attendees' work on their project else working on their own project)
(LT0SRB showing & asking others about problems they've been having and have solved and helping others solve their problems and reviewing & celebrating the solutions)
(LT0SS2 collaboratively & individually working together.))) (LT0OXU 9:15pm~-45min
(LT0S5Z Visit a nearby good fast food joint, as Chipotle's (, for a late nite snack & socializing)) (LT0OYL 10:00pm- end) ) (LT0PGV Main event leaders: (LT0PHG Primary Leader: (LT0PJ5 Position Available! See (LT34FB Leader requirements & responsibilities ...below) then Volunteer or nominate someone! by commenting on the event listing.)) (LT0PHR Secondary Leader:
(LT0PJX Tod L. of Lake Forest: Adv+Int Developers Leader#2.
Joined 20100812, 5+RSVP,4+attend
Tod L. ( delightfully volunteered & was selected (, and it's an honor to have him as he's a successful independent advanced Android developer, working full-time independently doing Android coding of a 3+ apps which have for years been selling on the Android Marketplace and earning him a full-time living! --Tough to do in the phone App market, especially independently. He is a local success story most of us developers can aspire to!)) (LT34FB Leader requirements & responsibilities: By this design,
(LT34H3 Virtually everything practically possible is handled for leaders, making their job maximally easy while still insuring top quality of every meetup.
(LT34OJ Common group-management tasks fully else nearly-fully handled for leaders includes: event design (mostly), event advertising, event notice design & circulation, RSVP collection, RSVP collection, review collection, working-out and publishing basic guidelines & rules, member profile design & standards, member database design, venue finding (often), and more --then allowing leaders to instead put their full focus on the topic & sharing it with their members and insuring everyone has a good quality time.))
(LT35H7 Ideally is appropriately skilled in the topic of the group s/he leads but this is secondary and never a requirement, as other leader qualities are essential:)
(LT35TG Within the group, lives & promotes the published values of the group, most importantly
(LT34OJ Serves as a dependable, reliable, reachable leader)
(LT38MI Reasonably answers-else-gets-answered all members' reasonable questions in a timely manner.)
(LT38PL Promotes member communication & discussion, especially via posting on the group's web pages.))
(LT35J9 Insures that for every meetup s/he schedules and/or oversees, s/he or another approved leader is present for the whole event and the event's published tasks, including those mentioned here, get done.)
(LT35SP Follows else appropriately-updates the agenda)
(LT3868 When restrictions apply, insures only qualified persons attend per rules & waivers which are all published.)
(LT35S3 Via Meetup, insures exact attendance records are kept for every attendee (LT39RI --not always fun, but insures from the start (from entry) that attendees have name tags and are aware of & heed rules and actually join & credit the Meetup group, that only qualified persons attend, that the group can do accurate venue & food planning, and that event leaders, the group, and the attendees all get credit for attending & the attendance).)
(LT35VM Insures contact info which members provide (numbers & addresses) gets entered & updated to the master group database (in Google Contacts, as Meetup offers no support here beyond collecting it).)
(LT398K Note that, almost everywhere, leaders are able to (and encouraged to) delegate these their responsibilities!)
(LT392V There are plenty of other good things a leader can do beyond this (as coming up with clever meeting activities, being entertaining, insuring exceptional meeting notes are kept, being skillful drawing out members getting them; and these all wonderful & quite encouraged. But none ever replaces these few simple basic responsibilities, essential for smooth operation, which all leaders must do.) )
) (LT0PM2 Venue: (LT0POX NEW EXCITING VENUE, custom-made for software developers! After weeks of searching and several venues I looked into, I had the great fortune to find the venue listed above, a modern programming language training center seating ~40 and centrally located in OC (by the 5 & 405 freeways & OC Airport). Plus they offer numerous programming & software developer classes, including on Java, Android, and JavaScript. And, while their classes aren't cheap, they put absolutely no pressure nor expectation on us to take their classes and are delightfully nice to provide their facility to us the public Android community.
(LTYPBC=You are welcome to bring food (but not pets) as long as you don't make a mess.))
(LT0PNH PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST MORE VENUES. --We can always more and sometimes need backups. "POST UR VENUE SUGGESTION AS A NEW THREAD(named by venue name) IN OUR FORUM 4IT: Our Message Boards ( Venue Forum LH2C7F")
) (LT0PPY Only qualified members can attend! (LT0PRA Every attendee must be a member of OCAndroid ( who is at least 1 of: (LT0PRK an Advanced-else-Intermediate Android developer.
This insures a meetup of persons of very-similar skill for maximum productive exchange. In particular, we model this after the "belt" levels in martial arts ( a more-skilled person will have to be with and train no lower than the next level down, and a less-skilled person will have to be with and ask questions of no higher than the next level up.) (LT0PST serving in an official administrative capacity with regards to this event.)) (LT0PV8 Being a group member includes with a valid group-profile pic ( to (LT0PWB Assure the attendee-criteria are met) (LT0PWR Assure better trust between attendees) (LT0PX3 Keep better records: event leaders will keep exact attendance).) (LT0ASK If not sure if you qualify, want to check? Or if you might not seem to qualify, want to ask for waiver?
(LT4SMB Simply ask...
(LT4TVE by posting on the event's (LT0DIS LSZ1QK Additional Discussion ..) --on the event page, search for this link by typing Ctrl-F)
(LT4TWI detailing your situation and especially (your qualifications & background, which ideally gave/give on your Meetup profile(s)),
(LT4U1T referring to published URLs (as your web profiles) whenever possible)).)
(LT4SMX Then the event's leaders will review your posted request and there post a reply back to you with their decision.)
(LT4SO5 Note following (LHPXDE Communicate foremost by appropriate posting) ( as done here allows all group members to see & insure the members requests are reasonable and the leaders decisions are fair & consistent, and even gives (a URL to refer to the post, the URL of the decision post).)
(LT4T1J "Did my recipient see my Meetup message-board post?"
(LT4UIV Subscribers to a thread get notified of new posts at midnight.)
(LT4UJH After posting to a message board where you need a reply, if one doesn't hear back by 2 more midnights or if the message is urgent, simply post a Greet on the recipient's group profile saying quote: I await your reply-post to my post --did you get Meetup's midnight email "Message Board Update"? If not, (Every Meetup member should have selected to be subscribed to all forums & message-boards ) (; do you have that on? Reply on the thread. Thanks.
and (the recipient will be emailed this Greet immediately) plus (your Greet will be neatly saved on the recipient's profile as handy reminder to them&you&all that you kindly asked & what you needed).)) ) (LT0PYV (OCAndroid Intermediate-to-Advanced Developers' Meetup #1 listing ) (LT0PZR Our 1st meeting of this track!) (LT0Q05 PLEASE POST TOPIC SUGGESTIONS by posting in our forum for it: Our Message Boards ( events & presentations Forum LBQGMR where thread names the presentation/topic/event.) (LT0Q18 Mysteriously (the listing's short URL which Meetup gives= no longer works so use the standard URL --more bugs, as additional details LSX9UW ( details.) (LT0DIS LSZ1QK Additional Discussion prior, during, & after (, including any advertising & detailed planning & reports from this event.)
) (LO9QFO To attend, you must read & follow the latest version of "info for every event LEVW4X" ( (LG4OWH What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything.[LT1GNE This point to be updated with an even better explanation & better-explaining link.])

(LT2PLN Additional Planned Listing Changes, in order (LT33V0 This listing will soon be becoming a LOT shorter (up-front) & universal.
(LT32YT Right now this listing features all the urgent initial details up-front
(LT33SD especially since it's simpler to build it (flesh it out) that way initially and these need to be reviewed and developed, but as that is done)
(LT33ZW but the drawback of course is this makes a fairly long listing plus tons of text which would be repeated & maintained repeated))
(LT33WI Well I'll have none of those woes! The details up-front (so would be repeated) will drastically reduce, and the listing will become more universal, as:
(LT33ES virtually all of its text which repeats between its meetups will be factored out, instead replaced with just a link a post (see one at the start) giving/to-give the details that stay the same between meetups. )
(LT33H0 moreover, text which can be shared between meeting tracks will also be shared, so for instance, 2 Developer tracks & 1 User track will all share the same post giving the Agenda plus attendee criteria.)
(LT33KA moreover, text which can be shared by different (Meetup groups) will also be factored out to instead refer to a single post (instead of being repeated), for instance post of the agenda for Intermediate-to-Advanced Developers' Meetups can also be used for iPhone meetings, SQL meetings, etc, not just Android)) ) (LT32HY This listing is very important, as, becoming obvious soon, this listing is designing to be a template for a lot more event listings.
(LT32T4 From most to least obvious, indeed expanding in this order, this is to be the template for:
(LT32TH the events in this track)
(LT32TW the events in all other specialty tracks: Intermediate+Beginner Developer, User, Hack Nights)
(LT32U4 the OCAndroid General Meetings and soon all OCAndroid events
(LT335O As all OCAndroid leaders, including all incoming, will be using this listing format, so I will soon have incrementally asked all of them to post their feedback on this listing in it's LSZ1QK Additional Discussion) and discuss & incorporate that)
) (LT32UM the listings of other meetup groups subscribing to its public listing format, starting with other similar technical groups
(LT33AH --yes, this listing format is to be strong enough to set up similar meeting tracks in other groups, including ones on rather different topics!)))
(LT32VO As such, it's fairly important to get this listing as well-done as possible as it aims to be copied & maintained all over the place!)) LT2PLN) LT0MMF)