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(LT2MOD last mod=[masked](Wed)pst1616) (LT2VER version=1.0)
(LT2STA=please RSVP; all group leaders & leader-prospects need to attend; officially emailed out[masked]pst20; minor edits to follow)(LT2NAM=

(OCAndroid ( General Meeting & Hack Night (

(LTNVQ2 track description=(LTSQT5=6:00pm-~9:30pm. Let's talk OCAndroid (!
(LTSQW3=our general meeting (so for & of interest to all group members and coordinating our 7+ special-interest tracks) (LTSRR6=main agenda (LTSR4Z=setup & group dinner & admin, including
(LTSSOG=every attendee sets up his/her laptop plus any presentations)
(LTSSLF=group dinner (if dinner not provided or for sale there, bring yourself good fast-food))
(LTSRJ1=group admin as setting-up new members & updating user profiles)) (LTSRC5=(Android especially in OC)announcements, news, jobs, Q&A, & presentations) (LTSRDI=group (planning and leader- nominations & pledging & training)) (LTSRNJ=Hack Night put on by SoCalAndroid) (LTSROI=possibly a visit to a local charming bar or restuarant) ) )) (LTOOCC Occurrences in order, 3-or-more in a row, starting ideally at the last to take place= (LTSVZ5=(16:[masked](Wed) ( ​(LTSW0P=(17:[masked](Wed) (
(LTSJP0=Main agenda (LTSJPL=Main topic: "Take the lead!"
(LTSWX9=Introducing & reading all our site's new "Read more about us" covering our exciting growth in the last year.)
(LTSJRC=Introducing all our present leaders, especially our many new ones!)
(LTSX1P=Celebrating Head Organizer Destiny ('s 1st year anniversary in leading OCAndroid (including active membership has tripled!))
(LTSJRY=Jobs still open & nominations)
(LTSJTH=Incoming leaders pledge & ceremony)
TRAINING, especially for leaders:
(LTSJZV=Insuring your Meetup settings are all good & working)
(LTSJUM=(LTRITC=editing & creating our group's event listings) ( --incoming leaders, I need your reply post here immediately (in advance))
(LTSK42=Design of & feedback on our new meetup tracks.)
(LTSK53=Design of & feedback on our new Person forum (
) (LTSK8W=POST TOPIC SUGGESTIONS in (our forum for it=(LBQGMR=_ Events+Sub-events+(Activities including presentations)) ( (LTSKBV=More topics to be decided free-flow at the meeting. We've done this a few meetings in the past and with surprising success.​) )
(LT0DIS=Discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend (, including planning, advertizing, & detailed-reports of this event) ) (LTSW2I=(18:[masked]x(Wed) ( ) ) (LTNLDS Track Leaders from our group= (LTNLD1 Leader #1=(LTSU23= ( OCAndroid Head Destiny ( of Laguna Hills; joined[masked]; grp head.)) (LTNLD2 Leader #2=(LTSUOK= ( OCAndroid incoming-leader Thom ( of Orange; joined[masked]: gen mtg leader #2.)) ) (LTSKJE=Stuff we need now
http://2.LoveRules.Info/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_20110531_195838-768x1024.jpg ( one of these and win a huge Chipoltle ( Burrito!): (LTSKLR=Open jobs to fill! Nominate someone by saying so in the event's comments.) (LTSKEO=Be a meeting hero! WE NEED MEETING SPONSORS! --to help at any level to cover meeting costs. Be a meeting hero by helping provide or pay-for food for all attendees, presentation equipment (including Hotspot -see next), and/or the meeting room. In exchange we will promote your business on our event listings and announce & thank you for your contributions at the meetings. Please email or phone our Head Organizer to become a sponsor.) (LTSKF5=WE NEED PORTABLE HOTSPOTs in case we ever use/must-use a venue which doesn't have wi-fi Internet for us (some great ones don't). Post your hotspot ideas & offers ( (LTSKIW=PLEASE SUGGEST SOME MORE VENUES! Post your venue suggestion as a new thread (named by venue name) in (our forum for that=(LH2C7F=_ VENUES past+present+possible) ( ) ​ ([masked])(LT0DIS=Discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order (, including any advertising & detailed planning & reports from this event.) (LO9QFO=To attend, you must follow the latest version of "info for every event LEVW4X" ( (LG4OWH=What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, and portably-track content.)

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