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M0TBPV: See the details of meetup #45 amid all instances listed in order;
key quotes from there:

M1KE1R: Hour range: 6:00pm-10:00pm
M0SVG5: BRING your hardware for coding/developing Android (your laptop+Android devices+hookup cables) M0TCJ6: If you don’t yet have the software (Android IDE ( installed, that’s fine, as we provide it and help you install it during our meeting. M0TI34:Target audience: OCAndroid ( ( of Android developers in-or-by-or-visiting Orange County who are members of (OCAndroid ( County's largest & oldest Android community group) M0TIDD:Activities: hacking (=coding & building apps), Q&A, at-your-own-pace all-level (, introductions, social networking, news, jobs, presentations; plus eating pizza, the food of computer hackers world-wide! M0TJPA:Hugely successful OCAndroid developer training ( we released alongside from the start ( then integrated[masked] ( M0TBTL:[masked]: Food --available to everyone who RSVPs YES:
-typically Quality 3-topping Round-Table Pizza, "the nutrition of hackers world wide", plus soda!
-per "LU1W8A=So how about this.." of here ([masked]). M0TCOF:Cost: free except for the food you take unless someone is buying. M15TNK: If you have portable Internet for yourself, especially a portable wifi-hotspot, please BRING IT. Want to learn how to create one? Then BRING the equipment.
To insure our own meeting's reliability and give us full venue flexibility, whenever our venue's wifi Internet is not available or not reliable or not enough, we share among our attendees who provides us Internet. )

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