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(LYSTFB THIS EVENT DESCRIPTION FORMAT to soon be improved: to be updated to our new standard as done on our SCALE10x as Fri ( (LTNVQ2 track description=All regular meetings of (OCJUG=Orange County Java User Group http://OCJUG.Org ) starting 2011.11.)) (LTOOCC Occurrences in order, 3-or-more in a row, starting ideally at the last to take place= (LVWXQI="Schedule: "We meet in personon the 2nd Thursday of each month and any other time through the OCJUG mailing list." says http://OCJUG.Org/ (http://OCJUG.Org).) none before (LTNU6H=1: 2011.11.10(Thu) (
Official listing says " "Craig S. Dickson" Elastic Beanstalk Details".) (LTNW5G=2: 2011.12.08(Thu) (
Official listing says " James Ward Deploying Java and Play Framework Apps to the Cloud Details".) (LVWXPX=3: ( 2012.01.12(Thu) (
Official listing " 1/2012 [OCAndroid member ]Dave Ford ( Structured web programming with Dart[ (Google's JavaScript derivative & replacement ( -cool stuff (] ( Details ".) (LYST9E=4: 2012.02.09(Thu): Spring and Cloud Foundry, a Marriage Made in Heaven ( See Official listing for abstract & speaker bio. (LTNVEC Track Leaders from our group= (LTNVFM=Leader #1: (LTNNOM=Open! Nominate Someone by saying so in the event listing's comments.)) (LTNVHE=Leader #2: (LTNNOM=Open! Nominate Someone by saying so in the event listing's comments.)) ) (LTNW5G=I list OCJUG events on OCAndroid because: (LTNVVT=Native Android programming is primarily done in Java.) (LTNVY0=Both groups serve exactly the same region: Orange County.) (LTNVYJ=SoCalAndroid Hack Nights, which OCAndroid re-lists, are scheduled not to be the same week as the OCJUG Regular Meeting.) ) (LT0DIS=Discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order (, including any advertising & detailed planning & reports from this event.
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