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observe 5th-8th graders introed to IT-&robot-making by Microsoft & more (#1)+

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WHAT: Observe "Limitless Technology Day Camp" :MC6NOJ Put on by (says ( :MC69AN "Transcendence (http://WeAreTranscendence.Org) ("for children and their families who today are under-served"* ( :MC6OG9 main event organizers: probably Keith Hosea ( and Michael D. Lacy ( :MC6OT1 Technology Goddesses ( :MC6OGV main event organizer(s): probably the group creator: "created by Cora Carmody, CIO ( of Jacobs Engineering ( [with ] goal .. to bring youth to technology" :MC6P10 with food, facility, staffing, & notable technology by Microsoft ( :MC6OH3 main event organizer: Evelyn Morgan ( :MC6OK3 Attendees: 80 kids where "to qualify, youth must be in 5th-8th grade and a resident of any city in the Inland Empire or Pomona, Claremont and LaVerne". :MC69E4 Main event: Every attendee will attend 4 1-hour modules: :MC69MH "Module one is entitled Motion Capture with Kinect (, which is a live, physical, interactive, digital computing experience where participants use their bodies as the computer input device." :MC6KL3 manned by Microsoft's Alice Pang ( :MC6P54 "The second module is a next generation multimedia communications and video creation session using cutting edge Microsoft ( hardware and software." :MC6KLA "The third module is an engineering and automation workshop using Lego’s Design Automation kit for kids." :MC6KLM technology: none found by that name; seems it might a Lego robotics set ( and/or Microsoft Robotics Studio ( :MC6P8Y manned by a university professor and probably Microsoft's Dean Suzuki ( :MC6P41 "The final module is the Walk and Play tour. It is an interactive tour of more than a dozen next generation Microsoft ( technologies." :MC6KLT "Each of these sessions are designed to give the participants hands-on interaction with the tools and convey the associated education and career opportunities." :MC6KM4 The 80 attendees will be broken into 4 groups of 20 and each group will rotate thru the 4 modules, where each module lasts 1 hour and repeats 4 times (1 time for each group visiting it) --says the organizer at Microsoft. :MC69NW. When:MBL875 1st one ([masked]rd Sat) [masked] so 1 full day!).:MBL8PA Note I Event Host Destiny ( only got the full info on this just hours before the event. :MC6MY1 2nd one ([masked]rd Sat): most likely.:MBL8PA so repeating schedule: if things go well, plan to repeat, mostly likely every quarter, says the organizer at Microsoft.:MBYGLK Cost: for observers, free!:MBYFO0 Agenda: guestimate :MC69FJ 0900- Registration :MC69HJ 1000- Period 1 :MC69I2 1100- Period 2 :MC69IW 1200- Lunch, courtesy of Microsoft :MC69JK 1300- Period 3 :MC69K2 1400- Period 4 :MC69KO 1500- Wrapup :MC69LA 1600- end :MC69LP to attend via this page, you can only be an observer and you must RSVP here and be approved before you arrive; once you RSVP YES, the exact location will be immediately sent to you as soon as your attendance is approved (including a spot opening during the event). Event already started? -No problem! RSVPs are allowed during the event; if doesn't allow further normal RSVPs then post an event comment here saying your RSVP (also sending your cell & email via private message, if we don't already have it). You can choose to come any time during the event and for a visit for as little as 15min. :MC687X ([masked])​To attend, please follow the latest version of info for every OCAndroid event LEVW4X ( :LO9QFO Additional publications/URLs :MC6L1L for the event series: :MC6L7C none except this page's "MBL875 When". :MC6LCA for the 1st one: :MC6L8F
official url ( --All quotes are from here unless noted. :MC6KTK MC6L4P: in ( MC6L4Y: in ( “What are these codes as “MC6RJM” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything.” :MC6RJM Some listing history, in order: :MBYIVO MC6S7A: pdt[masked]thu16: at MobileCampLA (, presenter Microsoft's Alice Pang ( 1st told Destiny ( of this event "teaching robots to kids" and invited her to join her. And by amazing coincidence, this happened to be a notably good match given, what she hadn't know of: Destiny ('s significant accomplishment introducing & teaching autonomous robotics at MIT, as founder there of the now-famous autonomous robot contest there which now 1 of about every 4 MIT students takes: see "bragging rights" in his Google Profile (; indeed, in the 3rd contest, he had even got Microsoft sponsoring ~$10K to the contest and ended up landed Microsoft hiring a few employees from among his contestants! MC67VT: pdt[masked]fri1748- Destiny ( created this event listing by copying our last event's listing ( since that had the latest formatting, then adding the details from the event organizer at Microsoft; pdt[masked]fri0008. MC6NBP: considerable updates now that I found official URLs; pdt[masked]sat0224. MC6RN4: pic; added; IDs: per what I had been thinking & now Bill ('s suggestion, redid so the are on the right and tinest & invsibile; pdt[masked]sat0325. MC6TD6: title fr(observe 5th-8th graders introed2 IT-&robot-making (#1)+ (on OCAndroid))cut from end of title " (on OCAndroid)" per Bill ('s note that that seems superfluous and indeed most Meetup listings don't bother with the group name in the page; with the additional space, made title more clear; to(observe 5th-8th graders introed to IT-&robot-making by Microsoft & more (#1)+); changed venue name fr(address told to those who RSVP YES and are selected to attend) to (exact address immediately told to those who RSVP YES once spot opens); MC687X: extended with key details as "Event already started?" and "visit for as little as 15min", key since the notice is understandably so short; pdt[masked]sat0401. MC6UYA: pdt[masked]sat0407: 1st announced (emailed) this to group members. Included the special message "RSVP Now. This is cool stuff! Note you can come for as little as 15 min & RSVP even during the event. Short notice unavoidable as I just go the full news of this just hours ago."

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