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OKC WebDevs is a multi-language programming group in Oklahoma City that focuses on all technologies revolving around web development. This includes JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, and let’s be honest - practically any programming language. In addition to web development, we aim to be a general purpose programming group as well, so we will often have talks that discuss non-web related topics such as machine learning, software tools and libraries, game development - and more. We currently alternate between meeting virtually and in-person for an hour over lunch on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, where you can get a FREE lunch on in-person meetups, listen to an expert speaker, engage in QA, and network with your fellow devs. Please join us!
Be sure to review the Techlahoma Code of Conduct before attending a meetup: https://www.techlahoma.org/code-of-conduct

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IN PERSON: A Practical Take on Web3 with John Mosesman

Needs a location

Crypto, blockchains, NFTs. You've heard the words, but how do they work? Why is decentralization important? What does the technology stack look like? Why should you care?
In this talk we'll break down how blockchains work at a high level (wallets, transactions, blocks, miners), what the technology stack looks like to build distributed apps (with code examples),

  1. Why should you care about blockchains? (what does decentralization and ownership really mean?)
  2. How does a blockchain function at a high level? (wallets, transactions, blocks, miners, etc.)
  3. How does the tech work? (smart contracts and dApps with code examples)
  4. Valid criticisms of web3 (energy usage, NFT mania, scams, etc.)
  5. What does it mean to be a developer in web3? (culture, opportunity, bleeding-edge tech)


John Mosesman is an awesome and long-time Techlahoma member and leader, including being a former organizer of OKC Ruby and our very own OKC WebDevs group!


This meetup will be in-person w/ free lunch (City Bites) at Clevyr, a local-to-OKC software consulting and product development company! Clevyr is located in midtown OKC, and we've included a parking graphic to help as well.

Also, don't worry if you're unable to make it to Clevyr on the day of the meetup. We'll still be streaming the talk live on Techlahoma's Twitch!

Please RSVP no matter if you are attending in-person or virtually.

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Run Remix. Run

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