What we're about

• Vision: Create a great community for young adventurers in Melbourne to explore more about Australia and make more friends.

• Place: Any places with spectacular views in Australia with access by car and feet.

• Activities: Our activities include hiking, camping, swimming, ski, photography excursion, culture experience, snorkelling, surfing, etc.

• Duration: One day trip, overnight trip, long weekend trip, road trips.

• Cost: Share fuel and other costs with the driver, and a small amount management fee to the group.

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Join us become a trips organiser

Needs a location

If you:

• Love outdoor trips.

• Good at organising activities;

• And share our value: Explore Australia with lower cost, more fun and more friends.

Please RSVP and join us become a trips organiser.

Event leaders are expected to:
Find great places for our outdoor event, including but not limited for hiking, camping, swimming, ski, surfing, snorkelling, sightseeing, photography excursion, culture experience, wine tasting, etc.
Make a good plan on Meetup page.
Post event on the Facebook group.
Do their best to ensure the safety, enjoyment and morale of their group, no matter the situation.
Carry a map of the area.
Ensure the group is managed when on the trip.

Become an event leader, you will receive:
1. Part of management fee from participants as compensation to leaders for the time and costs associated with organising events;
2. Free of the management fee to attend other organiser's outdoor activities.

More information about how to be a leader and the guide for a leader.



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