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Professionals in the employment field will provide FREE assistance to motivated job seekers seeking work in the Federal Government.

The Federal Government has its own unique set of procedures for job applicants. This can be quite different from the commercial world.

This is a subset of Career-Confidence.org (http://www.career-confidence.org).

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Understanding the Federal Employment Process with Wesley Little

Wesley Little and his associates are professionals in Federal Employment. They will give you an overview of the Federal employment process so that you can best position to land a quality job with the Federal Government.

Last we read only 2% of the people who apply to the Federal Government get hired. The government has its own rules and processes that can be quite different from the private sector. We exist to help you navigate this process, WE WANT YOU TO LAND THE JOB YOU WANT!

Wes is outstanding in answering questions. The fact that he cares for you as an individual comes through during his webinars.

At the end of this webinar, there will be a brief Christian story.
IF YOU ARE NEW TO Career-Confidence.org, Laura Hamilton and Robert Brandau both long time recruiters give you an overview.

Cecilia and Nate – 2 of our Alumni give an overview from a different perspective.

Tamiko Scian, one of our volunteers talks about Professionalism which is valued by our team and employers.

Feel free to input your contact information into our main database so that we can best interact with you. https://www.career-confidence.org/communicate-with-us/
Even though is a webinar, you need to treat this meeting as if it is a formal job interview.
1. You need to have your full name listed on the zoom meeting.
2. You need your video turned on. No speaker likes speaking to a blank wall.
3. Minimize Background noise.
4. Wear business appropriate attire.
5. There is a time to eat and a time to jog. However, neither one should happen while you are on the webinar

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Looking For A Good Federal Agency Fit with Adelle J. Dantzler

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