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Humans Vs Zombies (or other boffer games)
I'd like to make an event much like "Zombies at Evergreen", but not evergreen exclusive. This will include any people with boffer sword and other melee weaponry (ranged on approval [padded weak bows or slings are most likely]) and any range of people, with a few rules. I'll explain the different games we could play and the basic rules below, but Tl; Dr, it will be violent and fun. Potential playable games: one on one (exactly as it sounds) tournament (branched battles like normal sports) king of the hill (everyone knows this one) capture the caravan (wheelbarrow or cart full of random stuff and has six guards and a driver. Two teams fight to capture the caravan and protect it until it gets to their base. Thieves try to take the stuff to their hidden base) team battles (team captains split the players and then all out war) snowball fight (foam snowballs being thrown at each other) kill the king (divide into parties, each party gets a king and if the king dies the whole group goes down) down the giant (a tank [see tank under "potential extra rules"] is hunted, but has special rules hunt the fox (player with thief rules [see thief under "potential extra rules"] has short time to hide, then is hunted by all) hunger games (dash for the weapons, then beat the crap out of your enemies) 3 legged gladiator(two players tie their arms or legs together to make a two person team and try to win. Any binding will do, as long as it's never broken) fetch (a gamerunner tosses a ball or something and the others must race to get it. killing other players is legal) classic humans vs zombies (zombies shamble around while humans try to collect objects in the area) weapons switch (4 deaths, after each death you change weapons) capture the flag (that classic game that ruined PE for you) kill the killer (after you are killed you stand out and watch your killer. When they die, you can respawn) boxer hocky (my personal pet project, named after the comic, this is like soccer, rugby, football, and boffer mixed. teams of 3 with one goalie try to score soccer balls into the opposite goal. goalie may use any type of mit or glove including boxing gloves, and runners may use any boffer melee weapon. ball may be picked up, kicked, hit with weapon, or held. no hit rules, knocking an opponent out is called a good strategy) potential usable weapons: nerf melee weapons homemade weapons: All ends must be capped and no open foam can be showing unless sure it can't rip. Solid core weapons may not be thrown no matter how much padding you put on it. Core may not be anything harder than wood, PVC pipe recommended and PVC insulation with duct tape best. Ranged Weapons: maybe. Depends on format, but most will be melee potential character rules: Common: can take two hits to limbs, one to body, uses normal weapons Thief: can take two hits to limbs, one to body, can catch blades with hands, only uses short blades like daggers Mage: one hit anywhere, uses staffs and "spells". Spells are beanbags that are tossed. Spells are cast by yelling their effect in a rhyming couplet. Effect is up to the person being hit to decide. (example: By faeries ire, I cast you on fire! Player falls to ground writhing in pain as if on fire and dies.) Medic: can take two hits to limbs, one to body, uses short swords only, can heal damaged, but not dead, players by touching them and may stop zombie spawn and let spawn as human instead. Can cure spells within reason Tank: can take six hits anywhere. Uses heavier weapons Zombie: can take one hit anywhere. Respawns after 30 secs out of sight of any human, tags humans to kill Monk: can take four hits anywhere, uses hands in gloves or knuckle weapons only Beastmaster: can take two hits to limbs or one to body, no weapons, can either spawn zombies or beast from fallen humans, but can only have one beast per game Beast: can take three hits to limbs or two to body, any weapon, protects the beastmaster at all times, respawns as a zombie Champion: can take five points of damage, but when they die, everyone in their battalion dies, can use any weapon. In group, is considered leader King: can take ten hits, but when they die, everyone in their group dies. can only use dagger type weapons. in group, is considered leader safety: Because it would be too long to go into it all, and this is crazy long as it is, just... be reasonable. in depth boffer rules will be explained at the meeting whenever it happens (if there is enough interest) sportspersonship: dont be a dick. If you are hit, admit it, if you hit clothing, admit it, you get the point. If you break someone's weaponry, you are advised to settle it among yourselves, but best way to make up for it is to pay back equal to what was spent of supplies. If in doubt, find the moderator to make an unbiased assessment. No date is set until enough interest is generated. For instructions on how to build boffers, look at or email me at [masked]

Capital Lake Park, on the grass near the toilets kinda, nearer the water under the shade of those trees.

By the corner of Water St and Legion Ave, but out on the grass like. · Olympia, WA


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