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OneDropZenZenDublin was set up in July 2017 by two students of Shodo Harada Roshi, Abbot of Sogenji Monastery Japan, who comes to Europe four times a year to lead week long Sesshins (intensive period of Meditation,zazen practice). These Sesshins are held at Hokuozan Sogenji Monastery, Asendorf, (near Bremen) Northern Germany, which is the Centre for all OneDropZen Sanghas throughout Europe. OneDropZen Sanghas are found throughout many European countries, from Hungary to Denmark and from the Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania to the Mediterranean and Italy. These OneDropZen Sangha were established by Shodo Harada Roshi and are a major part of his life's work.

It is hoped in time, to establish a OneDropZenIreland Sangha, affiliated to all other OneDropZen Sanghas throughout Europe and worldwide.

OneDropZenDublin meet together, one evening a week, every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at 15 Heytesbury Street Dublin 8, which is off the South Circular Rd. and also parallel to Camden St..All who are drawn to the practice of Zazen are Welcome, those who have sat before and those who are beginners. If you are a beginner with questions, we will do our best to answer those and help you. We have access to our Meditation space in Heytesbury St. from 8 :15 p.m., we then set up our room for sitting meditation and begin at 8 :30 p.m.. If you arrive before 8:15, please do not ring the bell because you may disturb those using the space before us.

We sit together and support each other in our efforts.

' Manifest the place of holding

on to nothing at all

and deepen from it's wisdom'

Harada Roshi.

Excerpt from Hokuozan Monastery Website:


A Zen monastery provides a chance to experience ourselves in simple life circumstances. Simple, vegetarian, healthy food and a simple life style close to nature by practising meditation in action outside and experiencing the seasons in their special qualities, help us to return to what we truly are. This process is not an easy one, since we need to face ourselves honestly. We can´t escape by hanging out in the Internet, or through a comfortable life style with over-heated rooms, eating and drinking according to our pleasure. This simple life style makes us see, what we are, without all these distractions and ornaments.

And from there we can learn to actually get to know ourselves, find what is truly shining within us, see that we do not depend on outer values. Supported by the practice of Zazen and by the silence during meditative work, we return to our original deep rooted trust in ourselves. From that firm inner base, we again are able to open our hearts and reach out to others.

Organiser statement:

" Heard Dae Gak give some early morning talks on Radio 1 in 1999 and attended a one day event which he lead, organised by Copper Pipe Zen, at All Hallows College, Drumcondra. Introduced to Zazen at that time and from there sat with a number of groups in City of Dublin, Deishimaru group, Copper Pipe Zen Group , Ingen Breen Zendo 151 Group and finally an independent group of five people who sat weekly Zazen in Heytesbury St for 10 years. In 2015, attended first week long Sesshin with Shodo Harada Roshi in Hokuozan Sogenji Germany. Since then have attended all Sesshins lead by Shodo Harada Roshi, four Sesshins annually. In 2017, Rinzai Zen Dublin was formed."

John Lyons Dublin 2017.

Website: https://rinzaizendublin.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rinzaizendublin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rinzaizendublin

Upcoming events (1)

Meditation Evening, Mon. 30th., May. '22.@ 8:15PM. (Online option available)

Through zazen we are each able to return to our own particular essence, to become completely who we are. This return to the quiet place within us, this letting go of all external distractions to return to our original inner space-this is zazen. It is very important to know that by practicing zazen we are not trying to become all alike. Instead, zazen allows each person to become who he or she truly is.
Because what we examine in zazen is our own self, the first thing we must do is align our physical body to achieve a balanced,stable posture. Once our physical posture is aligned we are able to go deeper within and align our breathing,which connects everything within us. Then, going one step further,we align our mind.

Extract from: ...'How to do Zazen'.... Shodo Harada Roshi.

Question: For those of us trying to practice the Dharma, what is the most important thing to remember?
Answer: Right here, right now.

Doors open at 8:10pm, Monday 30th., May 2022, Evening finishes at 9:45pm.

Online link for those outside of DublinCity https://zoom.us/j/945921803

Please be mindful that a yoga group uses the space before us. Please be respectful and refrain from ringing the front doorbell or using the door knocker before the Yoga class finishes at 8:10pm. We have access to the space at 8:15pm. and can set up the Zendo then.

To begin we set up the Zendo together.
There will be instruction on the Zazen Meditation posture, Body, Breath and Mind.

We will sit 2 rounds of Zazen, both 25/30 minutes long with one 5 minute pause in between.

There will be a reading from Harada Roshi book ' Moon by the Window '.
To end the evening we will chant the 'Heart Sutra','Dai Hi Shu' and 'Shikuseigan' together.

Tidy up.

Time to chat a little.

Beginners and those who have sat before attend.

This is a One Drop Zen Zen Dublin event.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing suitable for sitting.If you are a beginner there will be instruction on the sitting posture.. If you need to sit on a chair to begin, that is fine. We sit together in silent concentration, supporting each other in our efforts.

One Drop Zen Dublin is a Not for Profit Group.

Donation of €5 to help cover rental costs.

This event will be run abiding by current Covid guideline. Please wear a face mask and have proof of vaccination

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