OneBeat FULL MOON Ecstatic Dance with Live Music + Gaia OM + Kundalini + Social



This Thursday is a very special energetic time - the first of three full moon spiritual festivals after Spring Equinox according to Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust - this one being a spiritual high point with key note of LOVE. With the sun in Aries, this full moon is in Libra. Many individuals and groups will be tuning in at this special time around the globe - with full moon energies amplifying any intention - a poignant and powerful time to join together and beam Love and Light ♥

The Time Is Now! Only months until 21st December 2012!!! Profound times of great transformation on every level - personal, society, systems, world, Gaia... the end of an age of fear and separation… as we move into an age of Love and Unity… gathering together with new and old friends... re-connect with soul sisters and brothers... beautiful Beings... shining beacons of Love and Light... tune in with each other, Mother Earth Gaia and Spirit... harmonize with nature's rhythm and Uni-Versal sacred sounds... be uplifted by awesome sacred geometry visuals... freely dance to magnificent live and DJ'd music...exercise, energise, nurture, shift and uplift body, mind, spirit and emotions... consciously breathe... stretch... move... shake... improvise... let go… transcend the old… explore... chant... embrace the new… raise vibrations...Be Here Now... in the present moment... join together in powerful Gaia Love, Peace and Unity Meditation and OM called the LoveBeam with Sacred Solfeggio frequencies... experience Love and Unity... Harmony and Joy... Re-Creation... you are invited to join us...

OneLove ♥

This special OneSpirit journey includes

~ Cosmic Connections Tribal Social with Acoustic Healing Songs and OneSpirit cafe serving sumptuous organic savoury and sweet superfoods

~ OneLight Circle with Kundalini Movements + Planetary Update + Om

~ Ecstatic Dance with OneBeat playing live*

~ Sacred Sound Bath with Solfeggio*

~ LoveBeam Love, Peace and Unity Gaia Meditation & OM with live Sacred Solfeggio Singing Bowls*

~ Cosmic Connections Tribal Social with Shanti tunes and OneSpirit cafe reopens

~ All night high vibration Sacred Geometry visuals by The Template and Psybernism


~ Tribal Social with OneSpirit cafe serving delicious savoury and sweet high vibration wholesome delights to nourish, uplift and energize - including raw superfood smoothies, chocolates and cakes, hot & raw savoury food & teas

Mostly ORGANIC wherever possible and Sugar-Gluten-Dairy-Soy-Agave free

~ Acoustic Healing Songs with Priceless - Miss Magikal and Natty Natstar


~ Greetings, relaxation, breathing, tuning in with each other, Gaia and Spirit + OM with Jane Om

~ Kundalini movements, breathing and mantras for centering, aligning and stretching with Amiracle

~ Planetary update with Rebekah Shaman


Get out of your mind into your heart and let your spirit fly

~ Facilitated by Jane Om*... warm up awareness... tuning into nature's rhythm... Kundalini shake... breath of fire... Spirit dance... letting go... Spiral dance... Unity... Being in the Now... dancing free as One

~ With OneBeat live ensemble playing sensational heart-full Gaia dance rhythms... exploring various music styles - a mix of Earthy, Ethnic, Eastern, Hip Hop, Latin, House and Tribal Trance

Hear a taster -


~ Sound bath with live Shamanic Drum, Sacred Solfeggio 111hz Gong and 396hz, 528hz and 741hz Singing Bowls & Chimes*

10.30 LOVEBEAM Love, Peace and Unity Gaia Meditation & OM with Sacred Solfeggio Singing Bowls*

Spirits, Hearts and Minds United as One with Love, Light and Joy

~ We all Unite and beam Love, Light and Peace to Gaia and all Beings... so very powerful... involving guided visualisation and OM harmonizing with with live Sacred Solfeggio Singing Bowls*


~ Tribal social with Global Gaia Shanti tunes and OneSpirit Cafe reopens with sumptuous organic wholesome delights

11.30 FINALE

We hope see you - it will be amazing...

OneSpirit... OneHeart… OneBeat… OneLight... OneLove ♥

* Please see OneSpirit group info for more details about OneSpirit and about the different OneSpirit nights, the hosts and crew, OneBeat musicians, LoveBeam, Sacred Solfeggio frequencies, cafe and venue

The above lineup is open to variation and times are approximate

Contribution - £12 / £10 / £8 - sliding scale

As well as being a regular space to meet like-hearted friends and all the above - OneSpirit nights are effective holistic Well-Being programs - a great way to keep fit, well, energized and uplifted on every level - spirit, mind, body and emotions - including cardiovascular work out if you choose! Each week is different in content so do check out each event lineup. You may like to come monthly, twice a month - or come every week building it into your regular holistic Health, Balance, Love, Connections and Joy program


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