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Kindness, compassion and acceptance can be difficult to give to others, especially in challenging situations. But it is often even more difficult to give kindness, compassion and acceptance to ourselves. For many of us, myself included, it is like an ability we didn’t get a chance to learn at school, or even at home, because our parents may have been too critical or distant or too focused on themselves. But regardless of what we missed out on earlier in life, we are now capable adults who can learn new skills.

In this group I will be taking you through guided meditations that help you to:
- form a stronger connection with your body, emotions and inner being,
- get to know your inner child and learn to comfort and look after him or her,
- learn to feel and embrace all emotions, not just the pleasant ones,
- discover the treasures hidden in your grief, sadness, anger and fear,
- meet your inner critic and turn this tormentor into a friend who supports you through the challenges of life,
- embrace what it means to be a perfectly imperfect human.

These are some of the stepping stones on the long and rewarding journey of developing a loving and supportive relationship with yourself. If reading this text strikes a chord and you feel a calling, you are warmly invited to join.

The weekly self-kindness meditation classes are designed to create lasting positive changes through weekly practice. Each week we have a different theme and explore a different facet of self-kindness. The group has a warm community element and people often stay around and chat after class.

We do not discriminate against people on medical grounds. During the lockdowns the classes are held online via Zoom.

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