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International Open Data Day - Day 2 - Hands-on sessions

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International Open Data Day - Day 2 - Hands-on sessions



International open data day is on Sat, March 3.
We will have activities on three days, from Thu March 1 to Sat March 3, so this is Day 2.

Friday is devoted to the working groups and on-going projects of Open Knowledge Finland. The day will end with the session #4 for the OKFI Strategy 2018-2023.
Lunch is on us, let us know if you're coming:

(10-12.30 Come if you want to - sessions based on people)
12.30-13.30 Brown bag lunch - Values and Practices of Open Collaboration
13.30-14 Common session - brief lightning talks on projects and initiatives
14-14.30 Juniorihackathon: basic info and how to become a mentor!
14.30-15.30 New Digital Rights MOOC // Room for other sessions free!
15.30-16 Break
16 - 17 Project sessions (a) AvoinGLAM // b) ) Transparency of Lobbying
17 - 19 OKFI Strategy 2018-2023 Session #4: SWOT, Community Mapping, Modes of Activity & Enablers
19-> open beers

You create the agenda. If you suggest items more relevant to the people, the agenda may change ;)

Note. OKFI will celebrate the International Open Data Day on three days, March 1-3.
Check out also:
Day 1 (Thu March 1): Kickoff to Open Data Day by Helsinki Loves Developers & OKFI
Day 3 (Sat March 3): International Open Data Day - Day 3 - THE DAY - with Mapathon and Democrathon

Lapinlahdenkatu 16 · Helsinki