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International Open Data Day - Day 3 - THE DAY - with Mapathon and Democrathon

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	 International Open Data Day - Day 3 - THE DAY - with Mapathon and Democrathon


March 3 is the international open data day! What do you want to do or learn? Let's co-create something interesting on open data! Brunch and refreshments served. At least the following are in the program:

== Democratic Commons Democrathon ==
Democratic commons workshop is a session with the intention of adding and improving various national, regional and/or municipal political and legislative data in Wikidata for Finland. This builds nicely on the Vaalidatahack that YLE organized about a year ago, and is based on MySociety’s Democratic Commons project, see We will have a visiting expert from the UK hosting the event. Tony Bowden works for mySociety, he’s the project lead on mySociety’s EveryPolitician/Wikidata project. EveryPolitician is Tony’s brainchild coming from his deep understanding that it’s impossible to create services to hold politicians to account if you’re not starting with good quality, consistent data.

Three mapathons for OpenStreetMap (OSM): Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT-OSM), street views for OSM with Mapillary, and OSM mapping for local purposes.In mapathons people gather together to improve open maps. Experience in mapping is not needed, each mapathon includes guidance throughout the event. You may attend just a single mapathon or all of them – or just come to meet and chat with people in Finnish mapping communities, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and OSM Finland. Most of the time is used for hands-on mapping or photographing outdoors.

== The Mapillary mapathon ==
The Mapillary mapathon takes us outdoors and allows anyone to share their street level photos to create street views or to help, for example, in OpenStreetMap editing.

== Humanitarian OSM mapathon ==
In the Humanitarian OSM mapathon, a vulnerable area of the world is mapped, in order to support disaster risk reduction and response efforts, typically done using aerial images.

== OSM mapping for our local needs ==
The OSM mapping for our local needs, for example Digitransit Journey Planner (HSL Reittiopas and and your specific interests, utilizes aerial images and other data sources such as Mapillary photos. It is useful if you bring your own smartphone, laptop and mouse.

== Lightning talks ==
Lightning talks about on-going projects Wikidocumentaries, Juniorihackathon and Wikiloikka, for example. Stage is open!

Co-create the agenda at

Note. OKFI will celebrate the International Open Data Day on three days, March 1-3.
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