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This group is for anyone interested in expanding their meditation practice, quieting their mind, tapping into their natural abilities and healing themselves and others. Events include Reiki, meditation, mediumship, healing and more.

Our free events are open to anyone with an open mind and a dedication to transforming themselves.

All events require advanced registration. Paid events require full payment when registering. Refunds issued with 48+ hours notice.

***RSVPing on Meetup does not reserve your space in any event.*** Please follow the link in each description or call 781-843-8224 for to reserve your space.

Visit http://www.opendoors7.com/class-calendar or http://bit.ly/2U6rapH for a full schedule of events.

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Illuminating the Shadows Readings with Maria Meidanis

SESSIONS WILL BE HELD OVER THE PHONE Cost: 30 minutes for $66.00 60 minutes for $88.00 (Full payment required to reserve. 48 hours notice required for refunds.) ‘Shadows’ are the parts of your personality that lie dormant in the unconscious mind. Shadows are aspects of your personality that you don’t like, deny or don’t yet know about yourself. Impulses, addiction, lies, deceit, guilt, etc...just to name a few. You know that moment when you walk by someone in passing, behave a certain way, yet you don’t have a clue as to why you behave the way that you do? Your shadow. When you face the resistance - in attempt to unveil hidden aspects of your shadow, only then does the power your shadow once had on you diminish. Only then can your shadow be illuminated and brought to life. The shadow is meant to be integrated into the ego-mind, for it is equally important as the light. Being aware of, understanding and working with your shadow can provide you with invaluable insights to your current life situation, can help you answer questions and identify solutions to your unresolved issues of the past. I invite you to dig deep into the unknown to discover hidden truths about yourself. During this cathartic process, you will unlock hidden aspects of your childhood self, create space for healing and make choices in support of your highest self. You will bring your shadow out of the dark and into the light. Some ways in which the reading can help you: • Unlock hidden aspects of childhood self • Alleviate anxiety, depression, improve quality of life and enhance self-esteem • Empower yourself to take control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions • Explore and improve relationships with family, friends, intimate partnerships • Uncover hidden elements related to your trauma, addictions, vulnerabilities, fears • Promote growth and insight into future decision making • Gain awareness and insight into maladaptive behavior and impulsive addictive patterns How To Prepare for Your Reading Do nothing. Say nothing. Be nothing. Show up. Be present. Zone out. Tune in. Get comfortable. About The Shadow “The shadow is a moral problem that challenge the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge”-Carl Jung Using Jungian Archetypes, I assist my clients in illuminating the ‘shadow’ aspects of his/her/theirs personality. Additionally, with the use of Freudian techniques, I work as a catalyst, evoking one’s subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions to bring them to the surface (consciousness). My spiritual training coupled with my clinical training allows me to support you in creating a safe space to heal. This process isn’t always easy but if anything is worth fighting for, this is it. Additional Information To learn more about the session, please contact Maria at [masked]) or [masked]. For further information about Maria, please visit www.stillmotionts.com/ These appointments are scheduled under the PSYCHIC/TAROT READINGS tab or by calling[masked] to reserve your spot. Payment is required at the time of scheduling. 48 hour cancellation notice required for refunds. If you are unable to schedule an appointment online, please call & we will likely be able to fit you in!

​FREE Weekly Healing Meditation Group

Open Doors

Free of Charge - All Welcome Saturdays 9am PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM https://zoom.us/j/96752705745?pwd=VWZMeTJCdEtrQWo3REx2R24xcURWQT09 Teresa will be hosting this healing circle guided meditation. Please sign in a few minutes early. Please join us in a group guided healing circle meditation. Close your eyes, relax, breath, and be guided to opening to the energy source that enlivens and connects us all.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Party Like a Pagan with Lori G.

Online event

This event will be held on Facebook Live. https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorsBraintree/ Join Lori as she goes live to talk about different pagan holidays, how people celebrate them and cultural traditions associated with them. Tune to learn and to have your questions answered!

FREE - Reiki Healing Sessions (In Store or Distant Healing)

Reiki and Energy Healers offer their services free of charge. To broaden the spirit of free care and community services to others, please make a donation in any amount for each healing you receive. The donations will be sent to a variety of local charitable causes. For more information or appointments call[masked]. Please call after 12:00 the day prior to schedule an appointment. In Store or Long Distant Healing Sessions Available.

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