Shamanic Drum Circle with Grace Walsh


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Cost $15.00
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Drumming is truly a call to Spirit. In its simplest form, drumming is a great stress reliever and method for relaxation but did you know this mediator of time and space also cleanses the aura and balances the chakras?

The pulsing beat of the drum anchors the body and connects you deeply to your own internal rhythms, stilling the mind as it gets you out of your head and into your own sacred space. It beckons you to listen as it brings you down to earth and then transports you from the mundane into the non-ordinary.

We begin by creating a sacred circle and invite in all the good medicine reflections of the group. The drumming becomes a powerful tool to assist on our healing journeys as these sound currents help dislodge any stuck energies, patterns or emotions - both personal and collective. When we set intentions and gather in a sacred circle to drum, we create a powerful cohesive spiritual community whose possibilities for healing and change move well beyond the scope of ordinary.

There are perhaps as many different drum circles as there are drummers and drums. My guidance on how to present this offering came to me in a vision. So regardless of whether you are a first timer or experienced drummer, come on out and join us tonight as we step into these healing harmonies.

Feel free to bring your own drums, rattles, bowls, or bells as we embrace the rhythm that connects us all
within this ancient healing practice. We will have a few extra drums and rattles on hand. Warm socks
suggested and a water bottle to stay hydrated!

The gathering begins at 6:30 so we can begin drumming at 7pm.

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