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It's been a while since we've had a meetup and it's time for that to change. We have lined up 4 of our engineers to go through a variety of topics centered around our usage of JavaScript, ES6, Node.js, Docker and UI component libraries. Each talk will be about 15 minutes in length, details are below. Hope you can join us!


6:00 PM - Doors open

6:30 PM - Presentations (see details below)

7:30 PM - Q&A

8:00 PM - Doors close


The JavaScript Event Loop

Thomas Hunter II, Senior Software Engineer

I have found that even developers that have used JavaScript for several years do not completely comprehend how the Event Loop works. In this 15 minute session we'll take an in-depth look at the Event Loop and understand where it's great and where it's cumbersome. Hopefully it helps you improve your JavaScript as a result.

Using ES6 in Your Code Today

Matt Blair, Principal Software Engineer

At OpenTable we look for opportunities to use new languages and technologies to improve our products and the user experience. In this 15 minute session we'll cover how OpenTable is using ES6, how to get the latest version of JS into your codebase, and what you get with different approaches.

Node.js with Docker - MicroService Architecture

Doron Segal, Senior Software Engineer

At OpenTable we strive to build small, decoupled services that are rapidly built and deployed. We have been using docker extensively and it's changing how we think about our micro-service architecture. In this 15 minute session we'll demonstrate how to build a Node.js micro-service, dockerize it and link it to a database.

Distributing UI Libraries in a Post-Web-Component World

Rachael Moore, Senior Software Engineer

UI Component libraries are different from CSS Frameworks--and modern libraries, especially those influenced by Web Components, typically rely on some form of package management. In this 15 minute session we'll cover the right package contents for a UI component as well as some tools and tactics OpenTable uses to distribute private packages and smooth application deployments.