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Scalable and Resilient Microservices

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120 Kearny Suite 700 · San Francisco, CA

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This Meetup will be focused on backend development, especially with regards to building scalable and resilient microservices.


6:30pm Doors Open
7:00pm Talk by Dmitry Chornyi
7:45pm Talk by Rick Hightower
8:30pm Networking


Dmitry Chornyi: Reliability and Resilience Patterns

Explore patterns that will help you make your systems withstand many challenges that a production environment throws at them: latency, timeouts, queuing, resource contention, load spikes, and dependency failures. Learn how we use bulkheads, circuit breakers, load shedding, fallbacks, failure injection testing, and other tools to build reliable and scalable microservices.

Dmitry Chornyi is a Principal Software Engineer at OpenTable where he leads a team that is responsible for over 20 production microservices.

Rick Hightower: High-Speed Reactive Microservices

This session endeavors to explain high-speed reactive microservice architecture, a set of patterns for building services that can readily back mobile and web applications at scale. It uses a scale-up and -out versus a scale-out model to do more with less hardware. A scale-up model uses in-memory operational data, efficient queue handoff, and microbatch streaming, plus async calls to handle more calls on a single node. High-speed microservice architecture endeavors to get back to OOP roots, where data and logic live together in a cohesive, understandable representation of the problem domain, and away from separation of data and logic, because data lives with the service logic that operates on it.

Rick Hightower serves as chief technology officer for Mammatus Inc. mainly focusing on working with media companies, startups, and high-volume microservices. Recently Rick wrote a 100 million-userin-memory content preference engine service with custom NoSQL service store (2014) as part of this effort he wrote high speed JSON REST/WebSocket framework for reactive computing model based on Boon and Vert.x (and a disk batcher capable of writing 720 MB per second). Rick also wrote the fastest JSON parser for the JVM circa 2014 and in-memory query engine for indexed collections (2013, 2014). Rick is one of the primary author of QBit a Java microservice lib and Reakt. Rick works a lot with Akka, Kafka, Cassandra and Vert.x.