Adam Bien: From Java Developer to Web Guru in 1 hour - No slides


Hello everybody! You've been asking and here we're with another cool session!

Adam Bien

The longer you wait, the more JavaScript, CSS and Co. resemble ancient Java practices.
Are you a Java developer without any web knowledge? Then you are also a WebGuru ...without knowing it.

In this session, I will illustrate modern JavaScript, PWA, SPA, Offline Apps, Responsive Layout, Redux (...) technologies and APIs with (ancient) Java examples.

Critical questions from the participants are more than welcome.


18:00 Walk in
18:30 Networking
19:00 Talk
20:00 Discussion
20:30 Networking

About the Speaker:

"Developer, Consultant, Author and Java (SE/EE) enthusiast Adam Bien ( uses Java since JDK 1.0 and JavaScript since LiveScript and still enjoys writing code.
Adam regularly organizes Java EE / WebStandards / JavaScript workshops at Munich’s airport ( ...and questions left? Checkout: http;//"