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(No cost, no pitch) Forming new relationships and networking may be the most important aspect of success in real estate. Furthermore, learning from the real life success and failure of other investors is invaluable. This is a perfect place to learn, grow, and network!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ The connections that perfectly complement you are out there. If you have not found them yet, you aren't looking hard enough. No successful investor will tell you that it is easy, but they will tell you that most could achieve success with hard work and perseverance. Don't give up! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Agenda: 6:30 pm Pre-Networking (Please order some food or drink) 7:00 pm Introductions- Guest Speaker Abdulla Mirpur Wharton MBA Finance Indiana University Bloomington BS Business Portfolio Manager, United Capital Management LLC 5 years managing levered public markets equity portfolio Sell Side equity sales, 2 years I owned operated a branch office broker/dealer through Wells Fargo. Before that I work in various positions on Wall Street before school. I’m now investing in private equity which spans across real estate and small businesses. I’m getting my re license, GC license, mortgage license, and learning how to sell businesses... Here to speak tonight about flipping properties in Laguna Woods. He will speak on the following topics: 1. Price range 2. Rehab costs 3. Dealing with the HOA 4. Marketing the home 5. Rinse and repeat. 7:30 pm Announcements/ Haves and wants 8:00 pm Deals discussion 8-9:00 pm Networking continued

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This group started in 2014 as group of people interested in meeting and networking with other real estate investors. We welcome everyone from those just starting out to seasoned investors. Our primary focus is networking, and we do not charge a fee or advertise. We meet once a month in a casual setting simply to establish and develop relationships, and learn from one another. We originally organized our meetings unofficially through Bigger Pockets, but are transitioning to this site to facilitate communication between members.

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