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Welcome to the Shy Guys and Gals of Orange County Meetup Group! This group was created for guys and gals who might be a little shy when meeting new people, might be a little on the geeky side, or might be more comfortable in smaller groups. If you want to break out of your shell, meet new people, and have fun, you have found the group for you!

What types of events does your group do?

Most of our meet-ups are smaller groups events designed to encourage conversations and social connections. Coffee shop talks, movies, live music events, happy hours, video / board games, hikes, barbecues, and anything else that will bring strangers together and have them leave as friends.

What do I need to do to join your group?

The membership requirements for our group include the following:

· Close-up “headshot” picture of yourself (no group or no landmark photos)

· Exact Age specified (21-39 years old only)

· Occupation or career choice

· All additional questions filled out entirely

If you do not follow the above guidelines, your membership will be automatically denied

What is your Attendance Policy?

Some of our events are very dependent on attendance. We often reserve tables, so we take the number of RSVPs we get for events seriously. We understand that our members will sometimes have difficulty attending events due to unforeseen circumstances. All we ask is that you either change your RSVP as soon as you know your plans have changed, OR send the event host a message (or comment on the event page) if you know you cannot make it to the event. Failure to do this will result in a “No Show”.

What is your No Show Policy?

Due to taking our attendance very seriously, we enforce a strict “no show” policy.

A “no show” is defined as not attending the event you are on the “Going” list for. See above for how to avoid a “no show”.

What happens if I get a No Show?

“No show” an event 2 times will result in an email reminder of our policy. Failure to “no show” an event 3 times will result in your removal from the group.

Are there attendance guidelines?

We believe if you joined this group it is because you want to be part of the fun activities we do. To keep our membership count accurate, we will periodically purge old members. If you have not logged into the meetup app for over a year, you will be removed from the group after a 30-day notice email is sent to you. You are always free to reapply if you are still interested in our group.

What if I have an event idea?

Above all, we want all our members to have fun! If you have any ideas for a meetup event, please let an organizer know and we will consider it for potential future events. We are always looking for new events and new ideas.

Hope to meet you soon!

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