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**Lunch will be provided**


We will be doing both options, 2D In the AM and then 3D in the afternoon.

See location above (peoplespace)

Learn to create a 2D side-scroller game from start to finish with Unity’s very own Lead Evangelist Carl Callewaert! This is a full day hands-on workshop.

Attendee Background: Anyone who has an interest in learning how to use Unity’s rich, interactive content to create games.

What to bring:

-Laptop & power cord with Unity free or Pro installed and opened at least once prior to attending the event—you need an internet connection to do so.

-Mouse (optional—your preference)

This workshop will be split into 11 activity cycles, each activity cycle will focus on achieving a specific goal with the use of specific tools in Unity.

What to expect — ONE OF TWO THINGS! Add comments below on thoughts for which option we will chose. Carl provided two options.

People who attend this workshop will:

Option 1

. Creating the 3D level (parcour) and exploring the level in FP (First Person)

2. Creating the 3D spinning gold coins prefab and controlling the rotation speed with script and exposed parameters.

3. Displaying the score on the amount of coins picked up with GUI and Static Variables

4. Creating the 3rd person controller to the change from idle to run state and to turn exactly 90 degree right or left with keyboard and touch input

This is more advance with Mecanim with use the script to override behaviours and calling different components

5. Adding to the 3rd person controller to jump and place its hand on the obstacles with the use of build API IKoffset. (advance Mecanim)

6. Creating the 3D prefabs that serve for the environment of the endless runner.

7. Creating the automatic generation of the endless runner environment with a script in Unity (list, array, best pratisces)

This will use also advance Mecanim to control the animation of colliders

8. Creating Particles effects when the character picks up coins and hits objects.

9. Adding Audio effects when the character picks up coins hits objects and running sound effect with use of scripts and animation events

10. Storing and loading the players scores and high score with GetValue and SetValue.

11. Adding Pause button with Unity API’s.

12. Adding a full menu with the new UI brought to you in Unity 4.6

13. How to integrated advertising and how to start your game analystics.

Option 2

Create a 2D side-scroller game

Create a 2D game level with 2D sprites, drag & drop, pan & orbit, move and scale.

Understand the powerful features used to create animations, physics, and audio effects.

Realize the advantages of using Unity to make a game.

Understand how to build this game on different platforms (ex Standalone vs Windows, iOS, Android)