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During my own search for healing, I was encouraged to see many women’s empowering and women's healing groups. However, I noticed that there weren’t any men’s healing groups, except for ones associated with a Church.

Yet, when I speak to men, I find that there is a tremendous need for men to heal as well. Men who have been emotionally, physically, and mentally abused as a child, men who have been bullied, men who have been abused by a spouse or partner are in need of healing.

I saw this first hand as a teacher at a Level IV, maximum security, state prison. These men were abused in some way, emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, or even spiritually. Whatever the reason, it is evident that these men haven’t learned, through no fault of their own, to express their emotions in a healthy way or have suppressed them for such a long time that they eventually erupted in anger and behavior that led to violence and harm to others and themselves.

However, you didn't have to go to prison to benefit from this this group! If you're feeling angry, depressed, frustrated, unhappy, and disconnected, and would like to learn tools that can help you feel more content, fulfilled, joyous and purposeful, then this group is for you!

My Mission: To help men heal from abuse and trauma experienced in their childhood or adulthood by teaching them how to forgive themselves and others, how to accept themselves -- their emotions, their flaws, weakness, and need for true expression; and finally, how to take responsibility for themselves and learn healthy ways of expressing their emotions.

Recommended book readings:

The Hero Within, A Journey into the Light
The Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes

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