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This is a San Francisco meetup for those who realize that civilization as it goes is heading lemming-like for the cliff. We will discuss how we might team up at the global level with the millions of like minded folk who are looking for a solution. We will decide what can we do locally together. Our sponsoring organization is Collective Communication, Inc and its Voices of Humanity - Order Out of Chaos online project: http://voh.intermix.org . Voices of Humanity <-- In the conversation between the communities of Planet Earth, women and men will use their collective voices to persuade the nations to cooperate. A kindly and intelligent human unity with diversity built-in is ours for the taking!!! Your participation could make the difference. Let's use our show-business ingenuity to make it happen!

But maybe you have another idea - you are welcome!

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Human unity is the key - We can make it happen!

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