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If you're already familiar with the power of the Law of Attraction, or want to learn more, join us! We'll be focusing our energies to create powerful miracles in our lives and in the world around us.

We will offer local workshops and opportunities to raise our vibrations so we can attract all that we desire in life.

Clardy Malugen, MA, MFA, is a visionary and a dynamic catalyst for personal transformation. Clardy’s remarkable insights and innovative work with energy frequencies have helped individuals across the globe to move beyond ego-based pain and suffering and into the realm of pure joy, inner peace, and true prosperity. Often called a “master healer” or “spiritual guru”, Clardy is quick to dispel those labels, as she insists that the essence of perfect health and enlightenment already resides within each of us, just waiting to be set free. Her innovative work, designed to release emotional and physical blocks, helps individuals truly embrace the magnificence within, as they align their personal energy with the frequency of infinite possibilities and unconditional love.

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Workshop: Supercharge Your Life with the Frequency Formula!

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Unleash Your Power to Create Miracles for 2015!

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Transformational Healing Event

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Let's create some BIG miracles!

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