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What we’re about

Open Source continues to be the new standard , and a way to develop increasingly as we get deeper into this age of Video and Big Data. In this meet up we would hear from some of the leaders who led the video revolution, that gave voices to many unspoken voices in the planet and continues to redefine what is cool and influential. In this new world every one has a place, people who didn't really fit in or were penalized for just being who they are, as well as those who had never spoken before. And now we will get the chance to look under the hood and see how open source played a big role in making all this happen, in the hope to hear from you and collaborate with you and accomplish even greater things using cloud native, big data, web and security technologies to optimize and improve the ways in which we communicate with each other

We are looking forward to see you there and also hear from you what you want to see there to help you learn.