5G and SDN, NFV and Containers as Network Transformation technology

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Join us on Wednesday, August 16, to learn more about 5G and SDN, NFV and Containers as network transformation technology.

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Agenda for August 16. See info on talks and speaker info below.

Scaling the Container Dataplane

Vector Packet Technologies such as DPDK and FD.io/VPP (http://fd.io/VPP)revolutionized software packet processing initially for discrete appliances and then for NFV use cases. Container based VNF deployments and it's supporting NFV infrastructure is now the new frontier in packet processing and has number of strong advocates among both traditional Comms Service Providers and in the Cloud. This presentation will give an overview of how DPDK and FD.io/VPP project are rising to meet the challenges of the Container dataplane. The discussion will provide an overview of the challenges, recent new features and what is coming soon in this exciting new area for the software dataplane, in both DPDK and FD.io/VPP! There will be a brief demonstration showing FD.io VPP as vSwitch for Container.

About the speaker: Ray Kinsella (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ray-kinsella-49658214/) has been working on Linux and various other open source technologies for about twenty years. He is recently active in open source communities such as VPP and DPDK but is a constant lurker in many others. He is interested in the software dataplane and optimization, virtualization, operating system design and implementation, communications and networking.

Talk #2

NFV and SDN: Architecture and optimizations for the LTE and 5G Wireless networks

This presentation will outline the KPIs and key optimizations at the platform, NFVi and Stack level in implementing wireless base station stack and Telco Edge cloud on Intel Architecture. The presentation will use the FlexRAN LTE Reference PHY and NEV SDK for MEC to outline the NFV and 5G use cases like network slicing.

Don't miss Live Drone demo in end-to-end 4G LTE. There will be a live demo showcasing end-to-end 4G LTE connectivity on Intel Architecture. The demo showcases wireless workloads on Intel Architecture (Xeon-D platform) using the FlexRAN reference software. Live video captured from a Drone (stationary) is sent to an LTE device over the Core network and RAN.

About the speakers:

Krishnamurthy Jambur (https://www.linkedin.com/in/krishnamurthy-jambur-9a4a804/) is a Network Software engineer working in intel for 12 years with experience in working on Network processors, Linux Kernel, Real-time Virtualization, Intel Micro Architecture performance optimization, Multi Access Edge computing (MEC) and Containers. He is interested in the Low latency real-time system design, 5G Access and Edge cloud, Hardware offload and data plan.

Sumesh Subramanian (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sumesh-subramanian-5538662/) is a Sr. Wireless Software engineer working in Intel with 10+ years’ experience in wireless technologies on custom ASICs. Currently leading FlexRAN software program and focusing on L1/PHY implementations of 4G and 5G networks on Intel Architecture.

Check this page frequently for updates and additions to the agenda.