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January Meet Up: Business Trends in Networking

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We'll start the meet up with a hands-on lab followed by sessions from industry experts who will share their insights on business trends in the networking industry, start-ups and innovations that will be needed going forward for 5G and Open Source Networking. The evening will wrap up with a panel of experts discussing the business trends in networking.


"Building High-Performant NFV Using NFF-Go" - NFF-Go is a framework allows developers to deploy performant cloud-native network functions much faster. NFF-Go internally implements low-level optimizations and can auto-scale to multicores using built-in capabilities to take advantage of Intel® architecture. NFF uses Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) for efficient input/output (I/O) and Go programming language as a high-level, safe, productive language.
Speaker: Loc Nguyen, Software Application Engineer, Intel

"De-fogging Edge Computing: Ecosystem, Use-cases, and Opportunities"
This session is intended to provide clarity around Edge Computing by providing an overview of the edge computing ecosystem and providing context of it’s possibilities through a discussion around use-cases and highlighting opportunities for developers, enterprises, and large companies. We will focus more on practical implications of Edge.
Speaker: Faraz Hoodbhoy, Director Outreach, Ecosystem & Innovation, AT&T

"Venture Capital as a Service"
The session will talk about U First Capital and how it helps startups with business growth and venture funding. It is a structured Platform to bring together top Corporates, Venture Capitalists, Universities and Startups globally for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. More info about U First Capital:
Sanjit Dang, Sanjit Singh Dang, PhD, Chairman and Co-Founder of U First Capital

"Edge and 5G what is in it for the developers"
5G is not just the next generation of networks but is also an innovation platform for services, applications, and connected devices. Moving services and applications to edge is accelerating services “today”, without having to wait for 5G to happen. But what does it take to develop an application that is ready for the Edge and 5G? What sort of hardware, software and ecosystem can enable an application that is future ready. In this talk we will discuss what is Intel doing in this space not only terms of products and solutions but also acting as an vendor neutral eco system enabler. We will also discuss the opportunities available to developers today no matter where they belong in the ecosystem.
Speaker: Chandresh Ruparel, Director, Ecosystem Strategy and Intel Network Builders, Intel

"5G Networks and Open Source and Making Virtualized Mobile Access a Reality"
This talk covers an industry perspective and a roadmap towards 5G with open and democratized interfaces. It covers examples of open reference platforms and how open source communities can complement standard bodies such as 3GPP and IEEE. It characterizes RAN and user and control plane core micro services and discusses opportunities for embedded network telemetry for emerging machine learning applications.
Speaker: Tom Tofigh,Principal Member of Technical Staff (Architect) at AT&T

"Startup Trends and how they affect the industry"
Networking solutions used to be an expensive endeavor because it involved a lot of capital and time. With the advent of SDN, commoditized hardware – and the relative ease of developing solutions on FPGAs, SoCs, and even custom silicon – startups can disrupt the entire industry.
- Satish Ramakrishnan, VP of Technology Outreach, CableLabs and Chief Innovation Officer, UpRamp, CableLabs

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