Next Gen HW for 5G/Edge, Microservices, Akraino, Visual Cloud and more

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Hear the topics of
* ONF on SEBA (SDN enanbled Broadband Access)
* Microservices Architecture in 5G and Edge
* Next Generation x86 platforms and Select Solutions
* Akraino Time Critical Edge Compute Blueprint
* Hands on lab on Resource Director Tech and Visual Cloud computing
* Closed Loop Automation


An introduction to the LF Edge, Akraino and Time Critical Blueprint
This session will introduce LF Edge as an umbrella, and will also provide additional details on the anchor projects - Akraino Edge Stack and EdgeX Foundry and Time Critical Blue Print and how it fits into the overall edge stack

Shane Dewing, Snr. Director SW Strategy and Open Source, Industrial Solutions Division, Internet of Things Group.

SEBA: SDN Enabled Broadband Access - Transporting SDN principles to PON Networks
SEBA is both a Reference Design and an exemplar implementation based on the reference design. This talk will mainly focus on the Exemplar implementation developed by ONF, AT&T's Atlanta Foundry and the SEBA and VOLTHA community with origins in R-CORD and composed of VOLTHA, ONOS apps etc. We will tall about how they all fit together in a modular way and there will be a quick demo to show the current and futures developments in SEBS.

Improving Quality of Service via Intel RDT (Hands-on Lab)
Intel® Resource Director Technology (Intel® RDT) provides monitoring and control over shared platform resources per application, container, virtual machine (VM), or even per-thread if necessary. See a demonstration on how to allocate memory bandwidth via Intel RDT and demonstrate how Intel RDT can improve performance where shared resources come under pressure with a Redis* in-memory data store workload.

Intel® Select Solutions for the Network
Intel® Select Solutions for the Network provide a faster means to address these challenges as we transition to 5G with pre-validated, optimized building blocks to help drive scale. Hear the what, why, when and where around Intel® Select Solutions for the Network.

Simplifying and accelerating converged media with Open Visual Cloud
Challenges exist with media transformation into Visual Cloud services and the flexibility to migrate those services to new HW platforms. Learn how Intel and partners are solving these challenges with highly optimized cloud native media processing, media analytics, and graphics/rendering components to quickly and easily deliver end-to-end visual cloud services with scalable open source software. Two visual cloud services around media delivery and media analytics will be demonstrated to showcase how to enable faster time to market for innovative “new media” services.

Platform Observability and Infrastructure Closed Loops
Service Assurance requires deeper tracking of infrastructure & service metrics, automated intervention of threshold violations & configuring the hardware resources & service levels based on service priority. Hear about a range of closed loop platform automation domains focusing on the real-time and near-real-time loops touching the platform. We discuss the integration of infrastructure telemetry, analytics, policy management interfaces & show a closed loop resiliency demo using Kubernetes to achieve zero touch Closed Loop Automation based service assurance solutions.

A step-by-step guide to building a true composable architecture for 5G/edge
This session provides an overview of the framework and Opensource tools to build a composable architecture and touch upon Radio (SDN-R), Transport(Network Slicing) and Multicloud management and orchestration solutions (ONAP) the key building blocks of 5G and how cloudnative helps those areas. The session will also provide deep insights into Kubernetes Custom Resource (CRD) models and how it helps in defining a true cloud native architecture.