The Intersection of Networking and AI/ML

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Join us for an exciting meetup featuring talks on topics and projects at the intersection of networking and artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML).



HANDS-ON LAB: Service Assurance Constructs for Achieving Network Transformation
Transformation of network softwarization towards 5G inherently requires satisfying the requirements across a broad scope of verticals while maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) criteria required to satisfy various network slice constraints. This session with hands-on lab introduces 3 key elements of service assurance – Monitoring, Presentation & provisioning layers and introduction to various cloud-native open source frameworks like Collectd, Influxdb, Grafana, Prometheus, Kafka and Platform for Network Data Analytics (PNDA).

TECH TALK: Closed-loop Network Automation for Optimal Resource Allocation via Reinforcement Learning
In this talk, we present a closed-loop automation approach to dynamically adjust LLC cache allocation (Intel RDT) between high priority VNFs and BE workloads using reinforcement learning. The results demonstrated improved server utilization while maintaining required service level agreement for high priority VNFs.

TECH TALK: Empowering Networks with Cloud-Native AI
Learn about building and deploy Cloud Native AI as Kubernetes based CNFs on the network with the Open Network Intelligence project (ONI).

TECH TALK: Closed-loop Platform Automation
Closed-loop automation would dramatically help with the network transformation which is central to our business. Building a general analytics workflow to support various use cases (such as power management, fault prediction, networking slicing, etc.) is a critical component in the overall platform.

Join us Tuesday, August 27 for these talks and more!

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