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We are a dedicated, growing, and passionate group of off-road Jeep owners who are active seniors 50 years and older. What brings us together is a common interest in riding the trails, seeing the sights of the Colorado backcountry, socializing and having lots of fun all within a safe environment! Many of the trails we drive can be driven with stock Wranglers although proper wheel placement is necessary on occasion.

All Jeep types are allowed in our club, but we do have some simple entry and participation requirements, see our by-laws at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6qu4qw0gperxya7/... (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6qu4qw0gperxya7/AAAr59hy34hQ9cJe9JorBSD9a?dl=0) By becoming a member, you implicitly agree with our by-laws. So check it out before you join.

We welcome everyone from first-timers to veteran off-roaders who are 50 years and older and own a Jeep. In this club, you will never be urged to modify your Jeep, watch a bunch of Jeeps crawling over the same rock all day or volunteer for anything. Our primary focus as a Jeep club is an overland trail style of off-roading versus, say, rock crawling or other extreme forms of wheeling. For us, it’s not so much about conquering a trail, but rather the group experience and the group journey made by responsible people.

We do have fun social events and meet-and-greet happy hour gatherings but to attend you should participate in at least one trail run per year. Some social gatherings are also announced using our members' private email accounts.

Check out our posted trail descriptions and see our photos, sign up (club membership requires approval by answering a few questions), signing a Release of Liability and Waiver document, and you are in. It’s that simple. When you do, you will discover a welcoming group of individuals and camaraderie that is hard to find.

Over The Hill Jeep Club is a nonprofit Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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